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Intelligent services are changing the way consumers interact with your business. The expanding universe of AI, machine learning, and voice search are also creating competitive advantages for brands who are ready to tackle the challenges of the Intelligent Future.

At ONWARD, you’ll explore the Intelligent Insights marketers need to excel in their jobs each and every day, including how to hit the coveted position zero in Google, speak search engine, engage local influencers, and see meaningful results from your digital media strategy.

These sessions will feature speakers from leading companies including T-Mobile, Google, and TapClicks, and will provide you with tips to prepare your business for the Intelligent Future today.

Intelligent Insights sessions and speakers include:

How Human Experience is Powering the Intelligent Future
Join Pete Francis, VP of Digital Growth & Transformation from T-Mobile to hear what he’s learned from years of being in the most mobile and customer-centric business in the world, as the industry prepares for AI and the conversational future.

  • Peter Francis, VP of Digital Growth & Transformation, T-Mobile

Marketing to the Machine: How to Speak Search Engine
Get to position zero today and generate increased traffic and engagement on both mobile and desktop. Learn how any brand, big or small, can optimize their digital knowledge and get into the coveted position zero answer box.

  • Casey Markee, Founder, Media Wyse
  • Brendan King, CEO, Vendasta

The New Customer Experience in Financial Services
Learn how top financial services brands are bringing together their digital and brick-and-mortar strategies to focus on the customer experience from search to service.

  • Jim Olson, Principal, Marketing Communications, Edward Jones
  • Steve Goldberg, GVP, Enterprise Sales, Yext

Engaging Local Influencers
Want more recommendations? Need more foot traffic coming through your doors? Receive first-hand tips on how to drive local influencer engagement from Google Local Guides and more.

  • Mara Chomsky, Global Head of Google Local Guides, Google
  • Rob Bernstein, EVP, Managing Director, Reprise

Closing The Loop
Hear experts from global platforms on how brands can drive revenue and ROI from digital media.

  • Jon Henshaw, Director of Digital Marketing, TapClicks

The Future of Patient Experience
Learn how top healthcare organizations have leveraged their provider data to impact their external presence, acquire new patients, and prepare themselves for the next wave of intelligent systems.

  • Nate Rogers, VP Marketing & Communications, OhioHealth
  • Shawn Tysco, Manager, Digital Marketing, Aspen Dental
  • Carrie Liken, Head of Industry, Healthcare, Yext

Check out the agenda to explore more great sessions you’ll find at ONWARD. And be sure to check back often — we’re adding new speakers to the list daily! Still need to register? Secure your spot today.


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