Heard at ONWARD: How Comcast Finds Success with Yext

At ONWARD 17, we hosted a series of sessions featuring Yext customers in conversation with Yext leaders. We asked them about their thoughts on the Intelligent Future, discussed recent changes in their field, and discovered how they’ve found Success with Yext.

Founded in 1963 as the Mississippi-based American Cable Systems, Comcast Corporation is now one of the largest cable TV, phone, and home internet providers in the United States.

At ONWARD, Sean Kainec (Director of SEO, Comcast) sat down with Wendi Sturgis (Chief Customer Officer, Yext) to discuss how the company uses Yext to accomplish its strategic marketing priorities, the initiatives the company is taking that can be applied outside of the telecom industry, and its vision for the future of the company — and technology as a whole.

comcast sean kainec wendi sturgis onward

For a global company, it can be challenging to establish personal relationships with consumers. Prior to partnering with Yext, Comcast faced considerable challenges syncing consistent information from its local teams and store managers across its vast digital footprint. Comcast ultimately wanted its retail stores to be part of their communities, engaging customers face-to-face and driving business through personal interaction. Through its work with Yext, Comcast was able to build an API integration with the Yext Knowledge Engine, centralizing control of the digital knowledge about its physical stores (like new store openings, address changes, hours of operation, and event schedules), and linking its corporate systems to points of sale — creating one flowing digital knowledge management system across the enterprise.

Since partnering with Yext in 2014, Comcast has been able to increase visits, new product subscriptions and orders from their Yext local pages well into the triple digits. In fact, 15% of all Comcast organic orders come from Yext local pages.

“Hyper-local really matters these days,” Kainec said. “When you have immediate access to your data, that’s when you own it.”

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