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Create your own free website powered by Yext data.

CMS Max allows you to easily create your own FREE website based on the information you store in the Yext Knowledge Manager.

Your website can include all of the information about your business, including your contact info, address and map, hours of operation, social media accounts and more. Ultimately, it's everything anyone needs to know about your business laid out in a clean and simple way.

Websites are hosted on AWS, SEO-friendly and based on Google's guidelines, responsive, and HTTPS secured with an SSL certificate.

The best part is that you never have to update anything on your website. Whenever you update your information in Yext, it will automatically be reflected on your website!

To install the app you must be subscribed to the Yext Base Package.

Installation is quick and simple:

  1. Click Install from the App Directory inside your Yext account
  2. You will be asked to permissions so the app can read your listing information
  3. You will then taken to a configuration page where you will:
    3.1. Select your location
    3.2. Enter the domain name for your website
  4. Click the submit button and your website will be ready in a few minutes