Get #Back2Biz with Special Pricing From Yext

It's been a long, challenging year of lockdowns. But the good news: things are opening back up — and people are ready to go.

Yext wants you to be ready to capture that valuable foot traffic with special pricing on our Listings search solution — and more.

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Get #Back2Biz with Special Pricing From Yext

Get back to business better, faster and cheaper

When people can’t easily find accurate information about your business, that’s a missed opportunity. Yext will give you the tools you need at a special rate so you don’t skip a beat with your customers.


Better Discovery
Appear on 150 of the top apps, maps, and services consumers use to find local businesses, including Google Maps, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, and Nextdoor.
Better Answers
Easily share accurate information and important changes like curbside pickup options, delivery and drive-thru hours, and much more.


Faster Activation
Be at the ready when restrictions lift and instantly sync your location info from Google My Business to Yext with just a few clicks.
Faster Updates
Make updates in seconds, like a change in hours or delivery options in real-time, and watch them instantly appear across your digital footprint.


For a limited time, Yext is offering special pricing to help you transition smoothly -- and efficiently -- as things open back up. Just fill out the easy form and you’re on your way!