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Yext Delivers Summer ‘23 Release with New DXP Innovations to Help Businesses Accelerate Success Building Digital Customer Experiences


Aug 2, 2023

3 min

NEW YORK, July 31, 2023--Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), a leading digital experience platform, today announced the general availability of Summer '23 Release. With the new capabilities, businesses can use AI to accelerate their success building consumer-grade digital experiences.

Generative AI is a generational shift in technology platforms so significant that companies of all sizes and industries are piloting how best to use it. Yet, many businesses lack the highly-specialized, technical expertise to realize its transformational power.

Yext's latest seasonal release features DXP enhancements that simplify how companies generate experiences for any customer across both owned and third-party channels at scale. Summer '23 DXP highlights include:

  • Yext Chat—Removes the technical and expertise barriers for companies to create experiences using conversational, natural language. Unlike existing chatbots, it is designed so any authorized user can design experiences or even create business processes by interacting with the chatbot as though they were giving informal guidance to a colleague. For example, a retail general manager using Chat could ask it to respond to customers with an apologetic and sympathetic tone if orders are delayed by inclement weather. They could also ask Chat to pull information from other data sources so it could determine what items would be delayed the longest and then prioritize responding to those customers offering a discount for the inconvenience.

  • Yext Content—Formerly known as Yext Knowledge Graph, Content includes enhancements to expand how companies can use AI to generate any experience across both owned and third-party channels all from a single content management system (CMS). The company believes Content is the first headless CMS built on a foundation of AI and knowledge graph technology.

  • Yext Reviews—Consumers make major buying decisions based on reviews — and search engines use them as a critical input to rank results. AI Generated Review Response is a new capability within the product that enables businesses to use AI to scale small teams and respond to reviews. Now, using their own unique data, companies can automatically generate individualized responses that are on-brand and contextually appropriate according to analyzing tone and sentiment of posts across any channel.

Yext incorporates the latest AI capabilities throughout the entire DXP, which is open and model agnostic. Summer '23 furthers how businesses of all technical experience levels can leverage AI to generate customer experiences at scale. Whether that means helping a company develop its own model, or leverage one of the industry's best LLMs, Yext offers the trusted path to use the best technology for their needs.

"Companies are struggling to meet new market demands and expectations," said Marc Ferrentino, president and chief operating officer, Yext. "The greatest advantage for any business is to deliver indispensable experiences to prospects, customers, and employees. With Yext, any organization can leverage leading AI technologies to deliver groundbreaking experiences all from a single digital experience platform."

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