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Citi uses Yext to update and control content at the local level and to highlight information about national products and services.


Citibank had previously been using a data aggregator to manage their geodata and local content. Citibank came to Yext for a technology solution for more control of local content online and the ability to highlight information about national products and services.

Citibank also needed a platform that could provide visibility into metrics to measure the impact of their local presence and content on their national brand.


Yext launched Listings for Citibank's 2,300 locations by adding more than 48,000 new pages and 92,000 logos and photos. In the first two months, Yext updated 102,000 hours of operation and 512,000 Featured Messages.

A year after the initial launch, Yext added Citibank ATMs and Citi Bike locations. Putting Citi Bike docking stations on the map required Yext's exclusive technology as they don't have exact addresses, but are located at intersections.


Generated 27M search impressions and more than 800K profile views and user clicks within the first two months.

During Hurricane Sandy, Citi used Yext to communicate critical messages with customers about the status of 300+ specific locations and ATMs in real time, ensuring they were armed with the information they needed about their money wherever they were looking online during the emergency.