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Yext Introduces AI Generated Review Response, Enabling Businesses to Deliver Individualized Review Experiences at Scale


Jul 20, 2023

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With Reviews, businesses have a solution that automatically composes review responses leveraging their own unique data and brand voice. Latest AI innovation in Reviews extends Yext’s digital experience platform leadership.

NEW YORK--Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), a leading digital experience platform, announced AI Generated Review Response enabling businesses to deliver a more engaging customer experience. This new capability within Yext Reviews enables businesses to use AI with their own data to automatically generate individualized review experiences across owned and third-party channels.

In today's digital landscape, customer engagement with reviews has become vital to a business' success. Customers make major buying decisions based on reviews — and search engines use them as a critical input to rank results. A recent poll of Yext customers showed that businesses that respond to more than 50 percent of their reviews saw a nearly a half of a star improvement in their ratings over businesses that don't. However, responding to reviews is difficult and resource intensive. AI Generated Review Response makes it easier with a single system that enables businesses to scale small teams and respond to customer reviews across any digital channel.

New AI Generated Review Response enables businesses to automatically generate contextually appropriate and brand-based responses by analyzing tone and sentiment of posts. By leveraging Yext Content along with generative models, companies can deliver responses using their unique business data and voice to address specific, real-world reviews across any digital channel, including mobile, web, chat platforms, and social media. For example, suppose a franchise owner sees a surge of reviews for their Minneapolis locations following a promotional launch. In that case, Reviews can automatically generate responses that are localized for the region and specific store locations but also entirely personalized for each customer.

"With Yext, businesses have the platform to elevate engagement and deliver brand-building experiences," said Marc Ferrentino, president and chief operating officer, Yext. "Engaging with customers allows them to take those experiences to the next level. It is a massive competitive advantage to provide one-of-a-kind review experiences at scale for every customer which is now possible with Yext Reviews."

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