Update Your Business Listings Instantly with the PowerListings iPhone App

PowerListings iPhone app

After the earthquake we saw some great examples of businesses taking advantage of real-time marketing. At Yext, we recognize how important it can be for a business to be able to adapt its marketing campaigns in order to take advantage of certain events or occurrences. Because of this, we allow PowerListings users the ability to update their Special Offers and photos instantly on participating network sites.

At first, users were only able to do this on the web, but now, updating your PowerListings just got a whole lot easier with the PowerListings iPhone app.

If you have been following us recently, you might have already seen some glimpse of the iPhone app. Well, it’s finally here! Download it now from the App Store if you are a PowerListings customer.

With this app, business owners can now manage their listings, update special offers and upload photos all from the convenience of their iPhone. By utilizing technical integrations we’ve established with a number of network partners, users can update special offers and upload photos and see the changes take place on partner sites practically instantaneously. Want to snap a pic of a new product you’re having a special on? Just a couple taps on your iPhone and your customers will know about the deal! Now you can be ready for the next big real-time marketing opportunity. Can you say Irene?

When I was designing and building Yext’s PowerListings app, I focused on the most important features for business owners constantly on the go. The interface is extremely simple and designed to help us with our mission of making business listings simple. Just as real-time social media is becoming important to local businesses, updating your business listings from your phone will soon become commonplace as well.

Check out the screen shots below, and if you’re an iPhone using PowerListings customer try out the app. If you enjoy it, please give it 5 stars!


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