Yext Talks: David Sharman, Group Chief Executive Officer of Hibu

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Group Chief Executive Officer, David Sharman, of marketing solution provider Hibu for a YextTalks. Sharman sat down with Yext Founder and CEO,  Howard Lerman, to discuss how to grow global businesses.

Sharman, who has been in the technology industry for more than 25 years, detailed his career path and discussed the ways corporations can retain culture as they expand.

Hibu, also known as Yell in the U.K., is a leading provider of digital marketing solutions to local businesses across the US and UK. Sharman explained that his vision is to accelerate the company’s growth and intends to do so in the most optimistic way possible.

david sharman hibu yext

Sharman sat down with our own Howard Lerman for the YextTalks.

david sharman hibu yext

Sharman shared his views with more than 700 Yexters on positive company culture and how to relay that feeling company-wide.

The key to cross pollinating your business around the world, Sharman detailed, is to “give people ownership and keep culture alive.” At Yext we believe strongly in continuing company culture traditions. Our values include working hard, thinking fast and getting stuff done.

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