Heard at ONWARD: What it Means to Rank Today

Today’s digital environment of paid ads, maps, shopping options, reviews, and mobile-first commerce has changed how we see what we see, and with it, what drives business to businesses.

Today, SEO means a lot more than being the number one result on Google. As SEO professionals, the single thing that they face daily is explaining to clients what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. At ONWARD 17, we were joined by Greg Sterling (VP of Strategy & Insights, Local Search Association), Andrew Shotland (CEO, Local SEO Guide), Melissa Walner (Director, Global SEO, Hilton), and Todd Renard (Vice President, Digital Product Management, Vivial) who discussed the latest in both onsite and offsite optimization best practices. 

During the panel, Renard explained that in today’s landscape, search experts are always  “conveying the value to the customer.” Today, businesses, large or small, want to be holistically optimized. In fact, you want to be found “beyond the boundaries of just the search engine itself,” he said. 

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