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Why Developers Should Build On Yext

Developers want to build exceptional experiences, but are challenged by different types of technologies and vendors — often with poor developing experiences.

By Lauryn Chamberlain

Apr 27, 2023

2 min

If you're a developer, this probably sounds familiar: you want to concept and build exceptional experiences, but you're challenged by having to work with different types of technologies and vendors — often with poor developer experiences.

Further, the businesses you work for are likely struggling with several problems of their own: first, most businesses have siloed data because they're using different vendors to store different types of information. And second, many of them are relying on a monolithic digital experience platform (DXP) and a traditional CMS — which makes it harder to adapt front-end technologies or build integrations with other services and platforms.

All of this adds up to a lack of flexibility — and frustration on the road to building compelling digital experiences.

You know that products that lack flexibility and scalability only slow you down. What's the solution? Building with an API-first, composable platform – like Yext.

Yext isn’t about pre-built technologies. It’s a playground for builders.

Yext is all about building great digital experiences your way — with the workflows you already use. We aim to combine the flexibility you want with the scalability you need. Here's how.

The Yext platform…

  • Is API-first. With our API-first, composable approach to building digital experiences, Yext is flexible, agile, and helps you move faster.

  • Works with your existing workflows and tools. With Yext, you can build digital experiences with existing workflows and languages that you already use – such as React or Github — rather than learning new proprietary skills.

  • Allows you to manage all your data in one single source of truth, creating a relationship database that is easy to build on.

  • Provides an experience built for stakeholders of all roles, including developers, administrators, and business users.

  • Supports customizations and functionalities to build your own apps or install pre-built Apps from our App Directory.

Ready to get inspired and build on top of Yext?

Check out experiences like our Inspiration Hub, which showcases different projects created by developers with Yext beyond the basics. These sample projects include partnerships with Twilio, Amazon and more, highlighting innovative use cases of our software.

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