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Yext is the established leader in digital experience management, helping almost 3,000 enterprise and mid-sized brands deliver a consistent, accurate and engaging digital presence. Don't settle for less. Switch to Yext, and we'll buy out your contract.*

You shouldn’t be held back by a commitment to a platform that isn’t delivering the best results.

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Why Yext?

Connecting and engaging with customers at a local level across every digital touchpoint is key, but managing the experience and delivering results is daunting. With the best platform in the industry, Yext makes it possible.

Results that outperform the competition.

Yext helps businesses achieve immediate results with multi-location engagement. Businesses that switch to Yext from a competitor report a +16% lift in listings engagements and +47% lift in impressions, per internal Yext data.

Customer support you can count on.

Our team is built to help you succeed. We're committed to help you reach your goals by providing proactive suggestions to optimize your brand's performance.

Industry-leading platform that powers connection at scale.

Whether you're rapidly opening locations or managing the ones you have, Yext helps you simplify local engagement. With the most extensive publisher network in the industry, we'll help you improve how customers find and engage with your brand.

Create a best-in-class customer experience.

Through Yext Content, managing the customer experience has never been easier. Yext provides the tools you need to seamlessly manage a cohesive and accurate brand narrative no matter where your customer finds you online.

Don’t believe us?

Let our customers' results do the talking.

Five Guys

Through Listings and Pages, measured +172% lift in clicks and 2.9x higher unbranded search impressions.


With Reviews, measured +97% lift in 5-star reviews and 57% reduction in response time.

Yext is the leader in managing your brand’s digital presence. Learn why.

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*Transition pricing offer subject to availability and change, and contingent upon a contractual commitment of twelve (12) or more months depending on length of remaining commitment to other provider. Details of incentives to be negotiated by the parties based on individual circumstances, but may include ramp pricing, discounted subscription and/or services fees, or other incentives as may be offered by Yext.