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Deeksha Reddy

Associate Data Scientist

"Not only have I found a role that challenges me and allows me to learn constantly, but I have coworkers who bring energy and enthusiasm to work every day (even across Zoom)."

Why did you choose Yext? What’s keeping you here?

I originally decided to join Yext as an Upward Analyst to figure out what roles and work actually interested me! Usually, rotational programs are marketed to students coming directly out of college, but I was lucky to find one for those early in their careers. Not only have I found a role that challenges me and allows me to learn constantly, but I have coworkers who bring energy and enthusiasm to work every day (even across Zoom). The candid conversations and support from my coworkers (turned friends) are definitely what keep me here and keep me going.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated from the University of Virginia (Go Hoos!) in 2018 and majored in Computer Science - Engineering! To be honest, I didn't love the idea of coding all day every day coming out of college, but I was really fascinated by data and using it to make informed decisions and better processes. One thing led to another and now I'm working as a Data Scientist where I found a balance between using the technical skills I developed in college and my love for data! Aside from work, I love running and hope to run my first marathon next year. I have the biggest sweet tooth and am always looking for NYC dessert spot recs, and I am obsessed with skincare!

What does a typical day in your role look like?

A typical day in my role involves checking up on our nightly model retrains across many of our Answers Machine Learning models, coding new scripts for data processing tasks or new models, documenting performance metrics, results and/or improvements, and learning some terminal tricks along the way!

What was one of your favorite moments or projects at Yext?

One of my favorite moments during my time at Yext was snowboarding with some of my Upward friends during the Product Strategy offsite back in early 2020. I came out of that bruised and sore from head to toe and definitely ate ice, but it was a blast trying something new with good friends!

What’s something you wished you’d known before starting the job?

Yext is filled with the best and brightest people around, but trust that YOU are a part of that! When I first started I would be a bit intimidated by my newness, but my advice is to not be afraid to keep sharing your ideas and asking a lot of questions – that's how we see change in our products and company and how we see it fast!

What advice would you give to a Yexter starting out new?

Fresh eyes can see so many areas of improvement in our day-to-day, so don't be afraid to find a problem that interests you and work toward the solution!

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Associate Data Scientist


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