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Having accurate NAP data is critical for your business. Keep your business information consistent and up-to-date with Yext.

For consumers looking to visit a local store, restaurant, or venue, search engine results from Google, Yahoo, or Bing, are the fastest and most reliable recommendations out there. Modern consumers want accurate and immediate results for their everyday queries, and search engine results may often be more accountable than recommendations from friends or past experiences with a business. A recent Google study shows that 59% of consumers use Google to locate a local business, and 71% of those searchers value the information contained in the search results. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are valuable to consumers who are searching for solutions to their problems because search engines are delivering the NAP data that brings users into contact with a business that can offer them a viable and quality business solution.

NAP data included in a listing refers to a business' *name, address,*and phone number; also known as the most valuable information on a listing for consumers interested in contacting and/or finding the business that is most relevant and equipped to offer a solution to their problem. As the most basic level of geographic information for a business listing, NAP data is hugely instrumental in driving foot traffic to local businesses, and therefore the accuracy of this information is the biggest factor in boosting the number of consumers that arrive at a business' location.

Accurate NAP data not only increases how many customers arrive at a physical business location, but also increases the visibility of its listing to consumers. A listing's visibility to an audience on a search engine results page (SERP) is largely influenced by the accuracy and consistency of the business' listings across the internet because search engines are more likely to favor listings that offer the same, rich information regardless of the source of that information.

Conversely, when search engines encounter conflicting or old business listings and information online, the business appears to be less reliable and trustworthy. Inconsistency across listings also increases the chance that duplicate listings will be created by data aggregators or that consumers will be confused or misled about a business and its credibility, and it undoubtedly lowers the business' local SEO.

Avoid the possibility that your business listings online are outdated or incorrect with Yext Listings, a service that gives you complete, real-time control of your online business listings. Wherever your business is headed, ensure its NAP data is clearly and correctly communicated to consumers looking to interact with your business. Combining Yext Listings and Pages ensures the authenticity of your listings on your own site and on more than 100 key citation sources, maps, apps, directories, search engines, and social media networks.

Take your business beyond the basics with Yext Listings by adding enhanced content to your website and location data so your business' content is richer and more favorable to search engines. Enhanced content is information on your listings such as menus, photos, bios, product services, and special offers. The inclusion of enhanced content on a listings page is both enticing and informative to consumers, but has the added bonus of immensely increasing the listings' local SEO. Add an undeniable richness to your business' online presence with enhanced content and the power of control behind Yext Listings and Yext Pages.

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