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Website Conversion

As soon as a customer gets to your pages, you want to make sure they are close to converting. Customers asking high intent questions are highly engaged and as a result, they want to land on pages that will give them the specific information they are looking for. When your customers can’t find answers, they bounce from your website, negatively affecting your business and costing you money. It’s critical to make sure you’re delivering great customer experience, whether your customers arrive at your website on an organic or paid path.

What are Website Conversion pages?

These are pages that are specifically designed to capture traffic in paid and organic search, and then convert customers upon arrival to your site. These pages have specific, clear information with relevant calls to action. When built to perform in organic search, they are composed of many search optimizations like structured data, fast page load speed, mobile responsiveness, analytics and more. And if these pages are designed to capture paid traffic, they are designed to quickly and efficiently convert customers who land on your site as soon as possible by providing relevant information and CTAs above the fold.

How do I build pages for website conversion?

Decide on the Question to Answer

Whether you're building a landing page to be used for paid or organic results, first decide what question you want this page to answer. Load all of the relevant entity data into your Knowledge Graph, which you will then use to generate your pages. For instance, if you want to run a campaign for a holiday promotion, make sure to add relevant information into the knowledge graph like price, relevant timelines, offer details, location information and anything else that would be important for someone wanting to learn more about this offer.

Create Template

Create a template for your landing page. With a template, you'll be able to easily generate many pages quickly, all leveraging the same look and feel, but delivering different offer details. Or, if it makes more sense for you to create a one off page, you can do that as well, all within the Page Builder.

Build Pages

Easily build your Pages right in the Page Builder leveraging the templates you build. You can pull data straight from your Knowledge Graph and publish it on your Pages. Or you can create information on the fly by writing directly on your pages. You will be able to add a variety of modules including announcement bars, header and footer information, job details, professional details, CTAs, 'about us' information and more - however you want to structure your pages, you can do so in Page Builder.

Preview Your Pages

Preview your pages to make sure that your customers will have a good experience viewing the content whether they're on their mobile phone or desktop.


When you're ready, publish your pages!

Pages Use Cases


Answer questions about insurance, hours, specialties, appointments, procedures and more.


Answer questions about products, services, hours, accessibility, promotions, return policy, discounts, rewards program and more.


Answer questions about reservations, accessibility, promotions, bundles, activities, refunds, rewards program and more.

Financial Services

Answer questions about loans, interest rates, savings accounts, loyalty card programs, qualifications, payment plans and more.

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