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Buhv Designs Helps Clients Maximize the Power of Location Data and Increases Business with Yext

“Through PowerListings and Duplicate Suppression, we have experienced the massive benefit that Yext touts as its differentiator. Yext frees up my team to do so many other activities on which we need to focus. I sleep better at night.”

Robert Lane, Co-Founder and Director of Search

An end-to-end digital marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado, Buhv Designs handles everything from branding to web design to search engine optimization (SEO). Its team of SEO experts understands the incredible power of location data for companies in today’s mobile world. “In the past decade, I have seen a huge number of changes in local SEO and witnessed just how crucial location data is, whether for a small single-location business or a franchise with thousands of locations,” shares Robert Lane, Co-Founder and Director of Search. “We have shown it firsthand with our clients.Correcting location data is one of our most important deliverables. Our team focuses heavily on it for every client, every day.”

While Buhv Designs’ appreciation for local SEO goes hand-in-hand with Yext’s mission of helping people go places, a partnership between the two did not always exist. “Although Yext has always been a major player, I held on managing our clients’ location data as long as I could. In handling clients that have name, address, phone number changes, it is a complex thing to deal with manually,” Lane explains. “About a year ago I saw the writing on the wall and knew that we needed to make the move to Yext. Yext was the elephant in the room, and it needed to happen at some point. It came down to efficiency: I could employ three people and pay them three times what I pay Yext to do the same thing.”

Buhv Designs’ use of Yext’s Knowledge Network benefits its small, local service business clients. “Whether it is a doctor, a dentist, an attorney, or a plumber, having the ability to control the menus of services that appear on all publishers where people might be searching, and being able to provide the ability to book directly through search listings and profiles, is massively important to our clients,” says Lane.

Yext’s Duplicate Suppression functionality and Google My Business (GMB) integration have similarly been key to what Buhv Designs offers local SEO clients. “Working with small and medium sized local businesses who might have several map listings and/or different locations, we know that controlling their location data is extremely important. Being able to update information in real-time is crucial to fast moving businesses,” describes Lane. “The best example I have is a dentist, Icon Dental Denver, with whom we work now. She previously worked at a dental practice 90 minutes south of Denver. Her name had been associated with that practice, yet after that practice had closed, her name remained associated with that data every time you searched her name. We spent a month on the phone with Google support, only to remain frustrated with the answers they were giving. They said they wouldn’t remove it as it had been valid in the past and represented her dental career accurately. I asked, ‘How is this good for customer experience? We’re sending her clients to a location 90 minutes away.’ We went back and forth for months and got nothing resolved. Within a week of utilizing Yext we were able to correct the issue. In doing so we increased her local appointments pretty drastically. Finally, people are finding her in Downtown Denver in the local pack for Dentist LoDo, instead of 90 minutes south in Colorado Springs.” Lane goes on to explain how with Yext, “Having everything in one dashboard makes our workflow more efficient, and being able to sync that data almost instantly is important to our clients. Yext’s Google My Business integration has been a really great feature for us also.”

Buhv Designs appreciates partnering with Yext. “In addition to saving us time and money, Yext allows us to be more strategic, which is key to our overall company growth. I sleep better at night!” And in a world that is increasingly mobile, this is critical. “The landscape is now hyper-local. It is block to block, not neighborhood to neighborhood. If your business is not taking control of local data, it is missing out on significant traffic.” Lane concludes, “We have experienced the massive benefit that Yext touts as its differentiator, and that leads to more business for our clients.”