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RevLocal Employs Yext to Help Small Businesses Thrive in This Digital Age

“Yext saves us time and is easy to use and add to our broader offering. Yext does a great job at thinking as a business owner and as a consumer.”

Aaron Boggs, EVP

RevLocal is a platform that takes care of digital marketing for small businesses as technology evolves. Started under the assumption that a small business– be it a restaurant, salon, or store– needs a trusted partner who can help it navigate the changes in the digital landscape more nimbly than it could on its own. “We give every single client relationship a dedicated strategist who works within an industry-specific department,” explains Aaron Boggs, EVP. “We try to match each client with a digital marketing specialist who has deep experience in the client’s line of business. This means our direct sales agents intimately know and understand the customer’s language and vantage.”

“Our clients know we partner with Yext,” states Boggs. “Yext does a great job at thinking as a business owner and as a consumer. It is a complicated world,” he notes. “A business can’t just pick or choose one way of thinking. If a business says to one of our people that it has a handle on the digital market because it works with Yelp, it is mistaken—that’s only a small fraction of the digital market. We emphasize to our clients that they can’t pick and choose one location in the digital world.”

Prior to partnering with Yext, RevLocal used to do directory reach and listing management in-house. Then it realized the power of Yext’s proprietary integrations with 100+ publishers worldwide. “Yext’s platform flipped the script and gave our strategists one point of access through its dashboard to these myriad publishers that they had been updating manually on behalf of our clients. So the value of Yext to us is the labor savings through the friendly platform our strategists use on behalf of our clients’ businesses.”

“Our client offering is partnership-based so that we can migrate into and out of any technology solution as the needs of our clients continue to evolve,” says Boggs. RevLocal uses the Yext API to add analytics about clients’ listings to the dashboard called Reveal. RevLocal then adds layers such as local SEO, review marketing, paid advertising, content generation and social media management in order to show its clients comprehensive value across different digital strategies.

“The problem many paid advertising management and web companies have is that they are too focused on either mobile or social yet really need to be connected more to the consumer from a location vantage,” explains Boggs. “Yext allows us to be influential in a location.”