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UpCity Unites with Yext to Help Scale Small Business SEO and Inbound Marketing

“With the evolution of Yext's product offering, especially Duplicate Suppression, we have seen a tremendous increase in efficiency and thus, overall value. It would be ridiculous for us to try to do what Yext does so integrating with them was a no-brainer!”

Dan Olson, Co-Founder and CEO

UpCity understands the importance of a comprehensive solution that helps small businesses get visibility online economically. With over 50 years of combined marketing and software experience, UpCity has developed proprietary technology that automates the most time-consuming yet highly effective marketing tasks. “We’ve helped thousands of satisfied small and mid-sized business customers gain access to premium level inbound marketing services at an affordable price,” shares Dan Olson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “This innovation significantly reduces the number of people-hours spent on busy work and increases the value-per-dollar-spent,” he explains.

Partnering with Yext for PowerListings made perfect sense due to UpCity’s intent focus on search engine optimization (SEO). UpCity’s SEO and local marketing platform simply and powerfully gives businesses a process-driven approach to managing and reporting on all aspects of the search, local, and social universe. “We did with SEO what Yext did for listings,” Olson says. “SEO and listings are joined at the hip, of course, yet our intent focus on SEO left little room for us also to tackle clients’ listings. We saw Yext as the perfect complement to our offering,” he explains. “We used to be of the opinion that manual claiming was the way to go. However, once we realized that by using Yext we would be able to scale local listings with a powerfully more complete suite of services, we were sold.”

In addition to UpCity’s services team utilizing PowerListings and Duplicate Suppression, UpCity integrated Yext into its proprietary platform. “The Yext team has really helped us with this. The listing information from Yext flows through to our reporting and tasks. It is really a one plus one equals three scenario,” exclaims Olson. “The integration has been beautiful. It has worked out really well. Moreover, with the addition of Yext’s Google My Business integration, we feel as though we have a truly robust offering for our clients,” he says.

“It would be ridiculous for us to try to do what Yext does. Needless to say, our services team loves Yext, and we think our agency software customers will love it too! By partnering with Yext, we can economically and powerfully provide technology and services for over 4,000 small businesses and agencies to help them scale. Local small businesses tend not to have huge budgets. This means that achieving significant ROI is critical. Being able to bring so many pieces of software under one roof has saved our clients’ money while bringing them great value,” concludes Olson.