Bring Your Clients the Next Big Thing in Search

Customers have questions. Can your clients' websites answer them?

Boost your clients' conversion rates, improve their ROI, and gain new customer and market intelligence by adding Yext Search to your search portfolio.

Add Yext Search to your clients' websites to deliver on digital innovation

To remain competitive, local businesses need to deliver accurate, up-to-date answers to their customers' questions — but far too often, these questions are left unanswered because of an outdated or entirely absent search experience on their websites. The good news? Select Yext Channel Partners can now offer their local business clients the next big thing in search: Yext Search.

Retain Traffic to Your Clients' Pages and Help Boost Conversions

Great search drives great business results.

When your clients' websites answer customers' questions, they're more likely to stay on the site, instead of bouncing to a search engine or a competitor.

Put direct answers and calls-to-action at consumers' fingertips, so your clients can always meet their customers at their peak moments of intent.

Build a Foundation of Great Service

Using AI-based natural-language understanding, you can optimize your clients' Knowledge Graphs and Listings to provide top tier service that will lead to larger upsell opportunities.

Gain New Customer and Market Intelligence

Yext Search catalogs each search query, and its response, to give you and your clients visibility into high-intent questions that can inform future marketing strategies across other digital channels.

Yext Search is now available for select Yext partners

Help your clients convert their customers faster and grow their businesses by delivering a better search experience on their websites. Interested in learning more? Sign up to see if Search is right for you and your clients.

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