February '24 Release Notes

As always, the February Release is packed full of features across the entire Yext platform to help you Increase Visibility, Drive Conversions, Enhance Customer Experience, and Operate Efficiently. The Release Notes include details about every feature released and links to relevant documentation.


  • Dish Menu Photos: Photos added to menu items in Yext will sync to your Google listings on the mobile search experience.
  • Facebook and Instagram URLs: Facebook URLs and Instagram handles will now sync to your Google Business Profile listings.

To unlock listings analytics and publish Showcase posts on Apple Maps, you can now directly link your Apple Business Connect account within Yext.

Note: This feature is available for Yext Enterprise customers with more than 25 locations.

Reviews & User-Generated Content

We’ve added support for regular expression (REGEX) matching in Review Labeling rules. Now customers can use REGEX matching to manage new and existing reviews according to their specific business requirements and workflows.


Users can now configure review invitations to be sent to specific recipients with a maximum frequency of once. This update gives users more control over their customer outreach, preventing repeat requests, as necessary.

Customers will now see the fractional review rating value (up to two decimal places, e.g. 4.25 out of 5) in Reviews platform UI, Analytics, and Reviews data exports. This will replace our previous default of using rounded rating values and be more compatible with our first- and third-party review sources that provide fractional rating values.


Text Assets for Post Creation

You can now incorporate pre-approved text assets from your Asset Library into your social posts to improve brand consistency across corporate and local users.

Post Deletion for Apple Posts

With Post Deletion for Apple Showcase posts, you can quickly address errors or updates with the ability to delete both scheduled and live posts in bulk from the Yext Platform.

Apple now supports Showcase posts in 38 countries, allowing you to be discovered across the globe.


Page Builder now supports a new setting for the “Nearby Locations'' module. This setting allows you to append the geomodifier field to each of your location links, providing geographic context and uniqueness to each of your links.

For example, if your separate location links used to be displayed on your page as “Yext,” “Yext,” and “Yext,” now they can be configured to display as “Yext (Union Square),” “Yext (Gramercy),” and “Yext (Meatpacking).”

The geomodifier field offers a better user experience, and can provide additional geographic context to search engines crawling your page.


To learn more about the Nearby Locations module, check out this help article.

All Pages Starters have been upgraded to take advantage of the latest components and enhancements from Pages JS 1.0.0, which was released in Fall ‘23. Refer to our "Quick Start" guide to get started with Pages Development.


Users now have the ability to turn off automatic computations — such as Content Generation.

This provides additional control over both the ability to edit fields and the volume of computations in accounts.

Check out our documentation to learn more.

Suggestion Count is a new metric available in Analytics which includes Publisher Suggestions, User Suggestions, and Computed Field Values Suggestions.

With this new metric, users can gain insight into how frequently their data is updated across all different suggestion types.

Check out our documentation to learn more.

Customers can now change the language profiles of entities via API.

Users no longer need to manually change primary and/or alternate language profiles in the platform, rather they can do this in bulk via the API.

Check out our documentation to learn more.

Users can now view and override their publisher categories through the Entities API.

This update will increase visibility into their categories and help users save time by leveraging the Entities API to manage their categories at scale.

Check out our documentation to learn more.

The data available in the Entity History page has now increased from 1 year to 3 years.

This gives brands even more visibility into their account when investigating any given change.

Check out our documentation to learn more.


When mapping fields that are lists, users can now configure the following two additional settings that make it even easier to structure your lists in Yext Content:

  1. Users now have the ability to decide between adding the new list items to the existing list, or replacing the existing list completely. For example, you can now add new labels without worrying that existing labels will be overwritten.
  2. Users can now choose a custom delimiter, making it easier to map complex lists with fewer transforms required.

Check out our documentation to learn more.

With this release, mapping your Hours (and Holiday Hours) fields in Connectors has become easier than ever.

There are a number of different ways that brands structure their hours fields before they are brought into the Yext platform. With this release we have opened up the flexibility to accept a variety of formats to save time uploading your data to the platform.

Check out our documentation to learn more.

Paginate Preview Table - Connectors supports paginating the preview table and raw response, for all sources. This update provides a more comprehensive preview table, giving users an easier experience testing out Connectors and Transforms as well as allowing users to test their pagination configuration prior to running the Connector.

Run Results Update - When viewing the Results of a Dry Run, users can see a side-by-side view of their existing content stored in Yext next to the proposed updates. This update makes it easier to view and filter on Run Results and enables users to have a more comprehensive view of their Dry Run updates prior to applying them.

Check out our documentation to learn more.


Yext’s Location Listings Overview Insight helps brands view a period-over-period snapshot of their Listings performance on their dashboards. However, Yext’s legacy Insight leveraged Listings metrics that Google deprecated in 2023.

As part of this release, Yext has released an updated version of the Location Listings Overview Insight, that replaces the legacy metrics with the new Google Listings Impressions and Listings Actions metrics.

Customers can select this insight in custom dashboards today by searching for “Location Listings Overview” in the dashboard configuration modal. In the near future, it will be added to the “Locations Summary” standard dashboard.

To learn more about the Location Listings Overview Insight, check out this documentation.

Customers based in the EU cloud region are now able to return the results of a report asynchronously using the Reports API.

This update will allow users to receive the results of large reports asynchronously that would otherwise error out due to the size of the report. To learn more, see our API documentation.


As a reminder, new publishers added to the Yext Publisher Network will go live with our upcoming release on April 2nd, 2024. Updates to existing publishers will go into effect on February 20th, 2024.

(NEW): 1182

1182 has been added to the Yext Publisher Network.

  • Country Support: Estonia
  • Language Support: All
  • Vertical Support: All

(NEW): Money Mailer

Money Mailer has been added to the Yext Publisher Network.

  • Country Support: United States
  • Language Support: All
  • Vertical Support: All

For more details on new publishers added, such as countries or fields supported, please visit our Publisher’s page.

(UPDATED): Apple Maps

  • Showcase Post Country Expansion. Apple now supports Showcase Posts in 38 countries. Please reference our Apple Showcase Posting documentation for a full list of supported countries.
  • Country Support. Apple no longer supports updates to listings in Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Russia, South Korea, Syria, and Ukraine. As a result, listings in those respective countries are no longer editable and will be removed from the Yext platform.


  • Analytics Country Expansion. Bing now supports analytics for all countries.

(UPDATED): HotFrog

  • Country Support. HotFrog no longer supports listings in Russia.

(UPDATED): Fonecta

  • Rebrand. Fonecta is rebranding from Fonecta.fi to Fonecta Caller.

(UPDATED): Google

  • Google Eco Certifications Attributes. Google deprecated updating Google Eco Certifications attributes via the API.

(DEPRECATED): Waze Ads Sync

  • The Waze Ads Sync App has been deprecated from the App Directory.

Users can now use the operators: “AND,” “OR,” “NOT,” or quotation marks in their search queries to explicitly control how different search tokens in the query are interpreted and combined. This allows users to fine-tune their results in their initial query, using the same logic statements available in major search engines.

To learn more about search operators, check out this documentation.


You can now configure your chatbot to display clickable message initial suggestions and dynamic options within the conversation flow that the user can choose to send to the bot. This offers a modernized experience and removes the need for users to type out every reply — making it easier to converse with the bot.


To learn more, see the following training units: Select Instruction Action, Collect Instruction Action, and Integration Options.

During periods of degraded performance from third-party API services, Yext Chat will failover to a separately hosted backup service to ensure uninterrupted uptime and reliability.