Yext Reveals New Insights into Holiday Consumer Search Trends

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud company, today released new research on global consumer search behaviour during the holiday season. Globally, consumers are looking for directions to toy shops and jewellers in the lead up to Christmas and off-licences for New Year's Eve.

By Yext

Dec 18, 2019

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Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud company, today released new research on global consumer search behaviour during the holiday season. The study found that consumers ready to buy gifts click for directions to toy shops up to 231% above average the week before Christmas, while those looking to imbibe during the holidays request directions to off-licences up to 160% above average on Christmas Eve.

"The holiday season is one of the busiest for businesses across categories, but some verticals, like toy shops, jewellers, arcades and off-licences, experience more consumer engagement depending on the day," said Zahid Zakaria, Senior Director of Insights and Analytics at Yext. "Our research reveals when different businesses can expect a surge of customers at their doorstep so they can be prepared to take advantage of the influx — whether it comes at the beginning, middle or end of the season — with accurate information about themselves online."

Yext examined the volume of clicks for directions and website clicks in search for businesses around the world* and found:

  • 23 November | Striking a bargain: Consumers rush to take advantage of Black Friday deals on electronics and clothes, with directions requests to gadget and clothing retailers spiking 247% and 83% above average, respectively, the day after Thanksgiving. When the first week of December rolls around, these dive to 77% below average for electronics on 6 December and 74% below average for clothing on 5 December.

  • 1 December | Cashing in early: Consumers take time during the first few days of December to take out cash for the holiday shopping season ahead. Clicks for directions to ATMs rise up to 25% above average during this time.

  • 6 December | Home for the holidays: Direction requests for vacation rentals are low in the beginning of the month, diving to 85% below average as consumers spend time with their families. While clicks for directions to hotels remain low throughout December as well, they bounce back in the last few days of the month.

  • 11 December | Five golden rings: Direction requests to jewellers see a jump on 11 December and remain high throughout the month before skyrocketing to 87% above average on 20 December.

  • 19 December | Christmas toys for good girls and boys: In the lead up to Christmas, consumers request directions to toy stores a whopping 231% above average to get gifts for children on the Nice List.

  • 20 December | Making a list and checking it twice: As holiday cards and gifts for loved ones become a priority, consumers are picking up and shipping letters and packages throughout most of December. Directions requests to postal services peak at 55% above average on 20 December and fall unsurprisingly to almost 90% below average on Christmas Day.

  • 24 December | Holiday spirits: Off-licences see the most engagement on Christmas Eve by far, with consumers who are ready to toast the season pushing directions requests to a high of 160% above average.

  • 25 December | Casual Christmas dinner: Directions requests to casual dining restaurants rise 32% above average on Christmas Day. While some consumers spend the day at the holiday table with their families, others opt to do so at a restaurant.

  • 25 December | Final Countdown to Christmas: Last minute shoppers visit ATMs (with direction requests 53% above average) to stuff cash in holiday cards and head to toy shops (53% above average), jewellers (56% above average), flower shops (33% above average) for last minute gifts.

  • 25 December | Drop in food deliveries: The worst day for food delivery businesses is Christmas Day, when many people are eating home-cooked meals. Delivery restaurants see their worst relative volume in clicks to their website from search at 44% below average.

  • 26 December | Unboxing a new wardrobe on Boxing Day: The day after Christmas, consumers look to treat themselves to new clothes for the new year, pushing clicks for directions to clothing retailers to almost 60% above average.

  • 27 December | Sleighing the game: Clicks for directions to arcade businesses peak at 98% above average on 27 December, as consumers look to keep the holiday cheer going after Christmas with fun and games.

  • 31 December | Champagne at the ready: On New Year's Eve, consumers are ready to party, requesting directions to liquor stores about 145% more than the average. Picking up bottles of bubbly is only the beginning for some, as requests for directions to bars and clubs on this day rise to nearly 50% above average as well.

  • 3 January | New year, new you: After New Year's celebrations end, consumers are ready to tackle their health resolutions and reverse the dreaded holiday weight gain. Directions requests to gyms and fitness centres increase 46% more than average on 3 January.

*Yext examined the volume of clicks for directions and clicks to websites for a sample of over 4 million listings in search between 15 November 2018 and 15 January 2019. The statistics above compare the volume of clicks on a particular day to the average volume of clicks for that day of the week over the analysis period.

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