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Manage the Facts on Your Nextdoor Business Pages

Proximity is one of the most important factors people consider when searching for a business to fulfil their needs. It is critical for businesses to meet consumers with accurate, up-to-date information where they spend the most time and where they are likely to interact most often - their neighbourhoods.

Nextdoor is the largest private network for neighbourhoods, making it easier for businesses and consumers to connect. The Nextdoor platform is built on trust, requiring members to use their real names and verifying their home address upon registration. Neighbours, including businesses in over 250,000 neighbourhoods, rely on Nextdoor every day to get connected, stay informed and find trusted local information to address their daily needs. With your facts powered by Yext, you can be confident that consumers find nothing but accurate information on your Nextdoor Business Pages.

This is a global integration supporting locations in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

Brand Logo

Generate brand consistency and add your logo to places your brand lives online.

Business description

Leverage business descriptions to localise your brand, share its unique history and attract more consumers.

Duplicate Suppression Technology

Suppress duplicate listings correctly, definitively and according to each publisher's best practices — so customers only see your authoritative digital knowledge.


Point consumers to where they can ‘Like’, comment and post content about your business on Facebook.

Holiday Hours

Let your customers know if and when you’ll be open over the holidays.

Hours of operation

Seize every micro-moment and make sure your customers know exactly when to find you.


Add your Instagram handle and encourage consumers to engage with your brand on one of the most popular social platforms.

Key Knowledge

Give consumers the knowledge they seek, including the name, address and phone number of each of your locations.


Pinpoint your coordinates so consumers know where to find you.

Payment Methods Accepted

Let customers know which payment methods you accept ahead of time, so they can come prepared.


Make your digital storefront vibrant by showcasing photos of your business.

Product & Service Lists

Show your customers your unique offering and speciality with detailed product and services lists.

Real-time updates

Stay in control of your critical business information by publishing updates in real time.

Review Monitoring

Tune in and listen to what your customers are saying across different review channels.


Help consumers communicate with you by letting them know your Twitter handle.

Video Content

Bring your locations and specialities to life — at 24 frames per second.