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Yandex is a directory helping consumers and businesses better navigate the online and offline world since 1997. Its machine learning technology, MatrixNet, helps provide its users with the best search results possible, so they can have the best experience possible — from dining, to literature, to music, to directions, to flights, and much more.

Supported Fields


Let customers know how to address you by giving them a name.


Let travellers know where they can find your business.

Main phone

Let customers know where they can contact you on your main number.

Mobile Phone

Provide a phone number so customers can communicate directly with a business representative.


Drive more consumers to your webpages by providing a direct link to your website.


Make sure your customers know exactly when they have access to your products and services.


Provide customers with your email information so they can contact you with questions or comments.


Generate brand consistency and add your logo to places your brand lives online.


Help consumers and intelligent services understand what you have to offer by associating yourself with the right categories for your business.

Split Hours

Let customers know the specific times of day (like lunchtime) when you’re closed for business.


Make your digital storefront vibrant by showcasing photos of your business.

Alternate Phone

Let customers know they can contact you on an alternative number.

Twitter URL

Help consumers communicate with you by letting them know your Twitter handle.

Facebook URL

Point consumers to where they can ‘Like’, comment and post content about your business on Facebook.

Display Lat_Long

Display your business coordinates to let customers know where to find you.

Routable lat_long

Pinpoint your coordinates so customers can be directed to your location.

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Andorra, United Arab Emirates, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Armenia, Argentina, American Samoa, Austria, Australia, Aruba, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bahrain, Bermuda, Brunei, Bolivia, Brazil, Bahamas, Bhutan, Belarus, Belize, Canada, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Djibouti, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Algeria, Ecuador, Estonia, Egypt, Spain, Ethiopia, Finland, Micronesia, France, Gabon, United Kingdom, Grenada, Georgia, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Guinea, Greece, Guatemala, Guam, Guyana, Hong Kong, Honduras, Croatia, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Isle of Man, India, Iraq, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Japan, Kenya, Cambodia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, South Korea, Kuwait, Cayman Islands, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Saint Lucia, Liechtenstein, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Libya, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Marshall Islands, Macedonia, Mongolia, Macau, Northern Mariana Islands, Montserrat, Malta, Mauritius, Maldives, Mexico, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Palestine, Portugal, Palau, Paraguay, Qatar, Reunion, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, San Marino, El Salvador, Sint Maarten, Turks and Caicos Islands, Thailand, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, Ukraine, Uganda, United States, Uruguay, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Vietnam, Samoa, South Africa, Zambia

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af_ZA, am, ar, ar_DZ, ar_IQ, ar_LY, az_Cyrl_AZ, az_Latn_AZ, be_BY, bg, bi, bn, bs, cs, da, da_DK, de, de_AT, de_CH, de_DE, de_LU, dv, dzo, el, en, en_AE, en_AI, en_AS, en_AU, en_BH, en_ca, en_CH, en_CZ, en_DE, en_ES, en_FR, en_GB, en_GD, en_HI, en_HK, en_IE, en_IT, en_JM, en_JP, en_KW, en_LC, en_MS, en_NL, en_QA, en_SA, en_SE, en_SG, en_US, es, es_BO, es_ES, es_GT, es_HN, es_MX, es_NI, et, fa, fi, fil, fr, fr_BE, fr_ca, fr_CH, fr_FR, fr_IT, fr_LU, fr_MC, ga, gn, he, hi, hr, hu, hu_HU, hy_AM, id, is, it, it_CH, it_IT, ja, ja_JP, ka_GE, kk, km_KH, ko, ky_KG, lb, lo_LA, lt, lv, mh, mi, mk, mn, ms, mt, my, ne_NP, nl, nl_BE, nl_NL, nl_SX, no, ny, pap, pl, ps, pt, pt_BR, pt_PT, rm, ro, ru, ru_RU, ru_UA, rw, si, sk, sl, sm, sq, sr, sr_ME, ss, sv, sv_SE, sw, ta, tet, tg, th, ti, tk, to, tr, tvl, uk, ur, uz, vi, xh_ZA, zh_Hans, zh_Hans_CN, zh_Hans_HK, zh_Hans_SG, zh_Hant, zh_Hant_HK, zh_Hant_MO, zh_Hant_TW, zu_ZA

Supported Fields

Name, Address, Display Lat_Long, Routable lat_long, Main phone, Alternate Phone, Mobile Phone, Website, Hours, Split Hours, Emails, Logo, Photos, Twitter URL, Facebook URL, Categories

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