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Yext Adds New Zendesk Integrations to Bolster Customer Support Offerings


Jun 15, 2021

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The integration enables businesses to implement Yext’s modern AI search platform on Zendesk help centers, agent consoles, and ticket forms.

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the AI Search Company, today announced new integrations with Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN), as part of its continued focus on empowering customer support teams.

Yext Support Answers, released in May, is a suite of enterprise search solutions built on Yext's AI-powered platform for customer support use cases. With the new integrations announced today, businesses using Support Answers and Zendesk's popular customer support tools can further equip their support agents and customers to self-serve in a variety of ways:

  • Help Center Search: Businesses can now implement Yext's multi-algorithmic search experience on their Zendesk-powered help center so that when a customer asks a question in the search bar, they'll get an accurate answer drawn directly from the business's Knowledge Graph, or official database of facts. By empowering customers to resolve issues on their own through search, businesses can reduce support ticket submissions and improve customer satisfaction overall.

  • Agent Workspace Search: Customer support agents can also leverage Yext's AI search directly on their internal Zendesk agent workspace. The feature suggests relevant information to an agent the moment they receive a customer support ticket, enabling them to resolve cases more efficiently.

  • Case Deflection: Oftentimes, customers go straight to contacting customer support when they have an issue. To proactively deflect tickets and reduce friction in the customer experience, businesses can now augment their traditional Zendesk ticket form with Yext's AI search so that it suggests relevant answers in real time, as customers are filling out the details of their issue.

"Businesses that remove friction from the customer experience are leveraging powerful capabilities — such as self-service — that make searching for relevant content radically simple for both customers and agents," said Tim Marsden, Senior Director, Technology Partner Ecosystem at Zendesk. "With this integration, companies can use Yext's robust federated search capability to improve resolution time and ultimately, deliver better customer experiences."

"Customer support and AI search go hand in hand, and are even more tightly linked as customers ask more questions online to resolve their issues independently," said Joe Jorczak, Head of Industry for Service and Support at Yext, who recently joined the company from Zendesk. "We're excited to continue our work with Zendesk, a leading company in this space, on integrations that set the precedent for how seamless the customer support experience can and should be today."

These integrations are the latest developments in Yext and Zendesk's ongoing work together, joining the Zendesk data connectors already in Yext's App Directory — including the Zendesk Guide App, which syncs help articles between the two platforms to power a business's search experiences with official information, reduce data silos, and manage data at scale.

The companies will come together again on Thursday, June 24th, for Zendesk's "A CX Moment with Yext" webinar, where host Sarah Reed will chat with Katie Ludwig, Yext's VP of Platform Services & Support, about the power of self-service and search, and how businesses can use modern search in their support strategy to improve the customer experience.

Learn more about Yext's Support Answers integrations with Zendesk here, and register for Zendesk and Yext's joint webinar here.

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