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Yext and Adobe Team Up to Teach Businesses “Digital Best” Web Redesign


Apr 27, 2021

2 min

Yext and Adobe will share best practices for how they can optimize their websites to accelerate business and delight customers.

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Answers Search Company, and Adobe today announced a joint digital event, Secrets to a Successful Website Redesign, set for June 16th.

At the event, Marc Ferrentino, Yext's Chief Strategy Officer, and Haresh Kumar, Head of Strategy and Product Marketing of Adobe Experience Manager, will discuss the website's central role in a business's digital transformation strategy, the balance of form and function for an optimal digital customer experience, and the features that businesses can implement on their website to reduce spend and maximize conversions.

The event comes more than year since Yext became the first search technology partner to join the Adobe Exchange Partner Program as a Premier partner. Through the relationship, Yext and Adobe offer their best-in-class website solutions to businesses, who can tap Adobe for their content management system needs and Yext for a modern, AI-powered site search experience.

"In today's world, being digital-first isn't enough — it's about being digital best," said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer of Yext. "In that vein, a website can't just look good — it needs to be a workhorse that has a meaningful impact on a business, from driving transactions to reducing support calls. Our event with Adobe will show brands important features, like advanced, AI-powered site search, that are essential not only to help endure the challenges of a pandemic, but also create a real competitive advantage."

"The past year was defined by a significant shift to digital across all verticals, and while the website has always been important, the pandemic proved just how vital it is for business continuity," said Haresh Kumar, Head of Strategy and Product Marketing of Adobe Experience Manager. "By working together with Yext to transform business websites, we can deliver the best solutions that will bring businesses the greatest ROI in this new environment. We're looking forward to sharing that insight with attendees at our event."

The digital event is an extension of Yext and Adobe's co-authored whitepaper, Secret to a Successful Website Redesign, which also features insights from companies like Accenture. The whitepaper can be downloaded here.

Visit the webinar registration page to learn more about Yext and Adobe's digital event and secure a spot on the guestlist.

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