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Yext Releases Powerful Features Arming Businesses with Even Better, Faster, and Cheaper Search Experiences


Apr 14, 2021

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Features like extractive QA, a website crawler, data connectors, and Answers developer tools are now available for general access.

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Answers Search Company, today announced the general availability of its Spring '21 Release, one of the most significant platform updates in the company's history, highlighted by the "Orion" search algorithm update. With innovative features like extractive QA, a website crawler, data connectors, and developer tools for Answers, businesses and organizations can deliver even better and more diverse search experiences to their customers.

"Today, advancements in natural language processing mean that businesses have far better and more powerful options than outdated keyword search, which is stuck in the late '90s," said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer of Yext. "Yext's modern, answers-led search platform, enhanced by our innovative Spring Release features, is making it easier than ever for businesses to bring their search experiences with them into the 21st century and deliver the direct answers that their customers expect."

Yext's Spring '21 Release includes the following features, which are available for general access:

  • Document Search powered by Extractive Question Answering (QA): Unlike traditional keyword search, Yext's platform leverages multiple advanced NLP algorithms to deliver a modern, exceptional search experience drawing from structured and semi-structured data. Its latest addition, extractive QA, adds a powerful dimension to the platform by answering complex questions against unstructured, long-form documents. When someone asks a specific question, whether it's the difference between a 401(k) and a Roth IRA on a bank's website or how to assemble a product on a retailer's site, extractive QA looks at the unstructured data from a business's webpages, blog posts, help articles, and product manuals in their unique knowledge graph (a brain-like database of facts) to find the most relevant word, sentence, or paragraph, and then delivers a direct answer in the form of a rich snippet at the top of the results page.

  • Data Connectors, Including Website Crawler: It can be a challenge for brands to centralize the data they need to populate their knowledge graphs — whether it's support articles, product information, professional records, or another source — to answer their customers' complex questions. Yext's new data connectors streamline this process by offering a low-code, point-and-click way to add data sources and transform them into structured facts. This includes a website crawler that can scan a business's website and extract data to be loaded into their knowledge graph.

  • Developer Tools: Developers now have everything they need to interact with the Yext platform and build custom solutions on their own. Users can manage their account configuration without logging into the Yext platform using the new Yext Command Line Interface (CLI), and build a completely custom Answers front end with two new Answers SDKs and a direct Answers API.

  • Authenticated Use Cases: To meet strong demand for search experiences that live behind a firewall, Yext has introduced new security measures that allow businesses to deploy Answers for authenticated, employee-facing use cases, from company intranet search for employees to support search for agents. Yext's new security page outlines all of the details of the company's related best practices, certifications, and protocols.

Read about these features and more in Yext's Spring '21 Release Notes.

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