A Better Way: Managing Yahoo Listings (Part 8 of 10)

When Yext debuted its PowerListings Network back in 2011, I was heading up Webmaster Outreach for Microsoft Bing. Boy, did that announcement send some shockwaves through the industry. Why? Because Yext sought to put an end to the tedium and uncertainty of location-by-location manual updates across multiple providers. The time-savings alone was worth its weight in gold for multi-location businesses looking for a scaleable solution.


At the heart of that initial launch was a direct integration with Yahoo. Today’s, Yext’s relationship remains unique. In fact, Yext is the only provider with a direct integration that allows companies to update their Yahoo listings at scale. All others must use the manual Yahoo claims process. That’s a pretty big deal considering that according to NetMarketShare’s May 2017 data, Yahoo still accounts for over 5% of the global search market.

In 2015, Yahoo tapped Yext to manage its Yahoo! Local Business Claims process. This did not change the ability of businesses to claim their Yahoo! listings for free. You can still do that (just submit your business information, update the data, and click on the link toward the bottom of the page that says “Claim Your Basic Listing Only on Yahoo”). Since then, a number of other publishers — like Citysearch, MapQuest, and WhitePages — have partnered with Yext to manage their local business claims processes.

Through these partnerships, we’re able to offer our paid services to customers of Yahoo! and these other publishers. No business, however, is under any obligation to buy our services on Yahoo! or through any other publisher with which Yext has a partnership. But when leveraged, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship that helps small businesses keep the information about their business up-to-date on Yahoo and the entire digital universe.

Not surprisingly, Yext’s unique and long-standing relationship with Yahoo causes a bit of agita with competitors. “Yahoo doesn’t matter,” they say. To them, I simply ask, “Would you rather have 5% of your customers reaching you with accurate listings, or driven into the arms of competitors due to bad listings?” Because with that 5% global search share, Yahoo still matters and can drive meaningful opportunities for every business.

So that’s better way #8 in the books! You can also check out all of my thoughts in the whitepaper, A Better Way with Yext, where I provide a deep-dive into how Yext helps businesses manage their digital knowledge everywhere. Download the full whitepaper.

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