The Yext Fall '23 Release is Here to Help You Drive Engagement

Yext’s latest release helps drive visibility and engagement across both first- and third-party channels.

By Yext

Nov 15, 2023

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The Yext Fall '23 Release is Here to Help You Drive Engagement

There's a lot of competition online for your consumers' attention. No matter which channel someone turns to (like third-party search engines, social media, or even your own website), they expect to find accurate, on-brand information. But in a Yext study, marketers indicated that only 35% of information available about their brand in the digital ecosystem is up-to-date.

That's because it's not easy to manage dozens (if not hundreds) of channels. If you want customers to find you (and engage with you) online, you need a technology partner that helps you drive visibility and engagement with efficiency — and at scale.

With that goal in mind, we created the new features in our Fall '23 Release to help boost your online presence and delight your customers — while also promoting efficiency in your internal workflows. From better rankings in third-party search to increased engagement on your website, Yext's latest release helps drive visibility and engagement across both first- and third-party channels.

Starting today, you can turn on early access features to help you:

Engage Your Customers

Multi-photo Posting drives social media interest and engagement

Your social media accounts give your brand the opportunity to interact organically with your audience. And when you add media assets (like pictures), you can increase your engagement rates.

Now, Yext Social can help you publish multiple photos in a single post from within the Yext platform. This feature streamlines your organization's process for sharing media online — so your social media managers can engage your audience more effectively across channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Deliver great chat content with AI Clustering

Everyday, your customers tell you exactly what they want. You can collect valuable insights from zero-party data, like what questions your customers type into your chat experiences. Unfortunately, those insights are hidden — and you have to sift through all your logs to find them.

New AI Clustering identifies and groups your consumers's queries so that you can create content that addresses them. Then, you can deliver it with ease using Yext Chat. AI Clustering saves time when planning new content, helping you deliver a great customer experience.

Support new experiences with Page Level Authentication

Your website hosts many different types of experiences. Often, these experiences require authentication to function as expected. For example, you may need to protect private information, like user information. Or you may need to personalize the experience to the individual user, such as when an employee intranet is customized by user role type.

Page Level Authentication supports functions like single sign-on or password-based logins when building in the Yext platform. After your users log in, they see personalized content based on what you know about them. For example, you can display products relevant to their past purchases or interests. (Think of a user who has already indicated they own a dog – when they visit their pet store's website, the homepage can display food and toys for canines specifically.) With this new feature from Yext, you can create and manage personalized experiences, stress-free.

Boost Your Online Discoverability

New Pages framework brings you more visibility in third-party search

Your website needs to be visible via search engines, but SEO is a time-consuming process. For maximum ROI, you need a technology partner that gives you the tools to efficiently manage your on-page SEO.

PagesJS is a new toolkit your developers can use to increase your website's visibility in search. To get more technical: PagesJS is a React framework for front-end developers to build high performing web applications. There are built-in search engine optimizations to streamline the development experience with features like server-side rendering and static site generation. These optimizations help your content go live quickly (without as much manual effort) and decrease page loading times so your content also performs well in search. PagesJS can also reduce — and in some cases, eliminate — time-consuming maintenance tasks, such as image compression and optimization.

PagesJS helps you create webpages faster, deliver your content quickly, and perform well in search. The result is increased visibility and a better experience — both for your team and your customers.

Drive Internal Efficiency

Listings Escalations Tracking scales information management

Managing your business' information on third-party sites can be a time-consuming process, so it's frustrating when you encounter issues you can't resolve on your own. Now, you can involve Yext early on for resolutions like:

  • Wrong Content on Listings

  • Listings Ownership Conflict

  • Photo Removal

  • And more

With the Fall '23 Release, you'll be able to create new Listings support tickets and track their progress — all directly from the Yext platform.

Improve content accuracy with Connectors Dry Runs & Run Results UI

Content is at the center of every digital interaction. Your website hosts it, your customers read it, and your performance in third-party search depends on it.

With Connectors Dry Runs in the Fall '23 Release, you can easily test your connections (and protect your team's time and bandwidth). Meanwhile, the new Run Results UI gives users improved visibility into the performance of their Connector runs.

Ready to learn more? Register for our fall release virtual event, AI-Driven Enhancements to Level-Up Your Digital Presence.*

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