Using AI-generated Responses to Revolutionize Customer Engagement

With AI-generated review responses, even lean teams can reply to every single review.

By Jessica Belsito

Jul 24, 2023

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Your reviews are valuable sources of user-generated content, and they provide insights into the quality and relevance of your products, services, and business. But did you know that reviews also play an important role in improving your discoverability on third-party experiences? Reviews signal trustworthiness so that search engines notice your business within the oversaturated digital ecosystem.

But despite how important it is to respond to each and every review, it's not always possible for lean teams to do if organizations are obligated to de-prioritize responding to reviews as they're asked to spread more work among less people.

AI-generated review response tools streamline the process of addressing reviews so your teams can increase response rates and decrease response time — augmenting your team and providing the thoughtful replies that your customers expect.

With AI-generated review responses, even small teams can reply to every single review — scaling their reputation management strategy in the process.

Generative AI’s Place In Your Reputation Management Strategy

What is an AI-generated review response, and how can it be used?

AI-powered review response generators use large language models (LLMs) to draft responses to customer reviews. These LLMs learn from large sets of data by capturing patterns between existing reviews and responses. Then, they leverage natural language understanding to determine appropriate replies. The result is an AI-generated reply that follows customer service best practices.

From there, you can send the response into a human-in-the-loop workflow for review and approval.

Why AI-powered Review Response Generators Will Revolutionize Customer Feedback and Engagement

Your relationship with your customers is one of your business's most powerful assets. When a customer leaves a review, they're letting you know what's working and what can be improved. Using a review response generation tool can help grow the relationship between your customers and your business, providing more opportunities to:

  1. Provide a better customer experience. When customers leave reviews, they do so with the expectation that the business will see it – and act. Whether it's a compliment or a complaint, acknowledging the customer's experience goes a long way. Replying to reviews increases customer satisfaction by reassuring current and future customers that you value their feedback.

  2. Leverage your employees strategically. You can learn a lot from each customer review, like what was appreciated, and what the customer felt could be improved. This can help you understand where to allocate resources to provide the best customer experience possible.

  3. Gain visibility among potential customers. Prospects read your reviews as they evaluate your business, and they take note of your responses. When you reply to each review, future customers see how you interact – even with negative reviews – with care and empathy. Additionally, the quantity of Google reviews and average review ratings factor into local search rankings, which can introduce you to a new audience.

Each of these opportunities depends entirely on your team's ability to respond to and interact with your customer reviews. Unfortunately, review management requires time and dedicated resources – both of which are in short supply for many teams.

Because Generative AI enables organizations to respond to customer reviews, lean teams are enabled to interact with customers quickly and consistently. This can enhance customer satisfaction, engagement, and your business's reputation to search engines.

How To Scale Your Reputation Management Strategy With AI-generated Review Responses

Even if your team is lean, generative AI brings down the barrier to entry for a scalable reputation management strategy. Lightning-fast replies to reviews (without sacrificing quality) let your customers know that you care about their experience. This also gives you an opportunity to investigate any negative interactions so you can resolve a poor customer experience.

And rather than filtering through each review, focus on leveraging your support team for high-priority cases – like when a customer review indicates that their issue is still unresolved. AI-generated review responses allow your team to respond to the customers that require special attention, while still acknowledging other reviews and experiences.

Finally, use generative AI to make sure you respond to every single review. This won't just impress your customers – search engines will take note of your activity and are more likely to present your listings and links higher in the SERP. You'll benefit from customer insights while creating less work for your team. You can even positively impact your SEO, because replying to each review can increase your reputation within the search engines.

With AI-generated review response tools in their arsenal, a team of two can scale their reputation management strategy as if they were a team of twenty.

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The key is to rely on your team, not replace them.

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