Google is Changing the ‘Order’ Button Experience. Here’s What Restaurants Need to Know

Order with Google, a button that allows searchers to place a food order directly within Google Search and Maps, is undergoing a change this summer.

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By Trent Ruffolo

Mar 1, 2024

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What’s changing?

Today, when guests click the 'Order with Google' button, they have the option to place an order for pickup or delivery directly through Google.

In June 2024, that experience will go away. Instead, guests who click the 'Order with Google' button will be directed to place an order directly on the restaurant's website — or to order via a third-party site like Seamless, GrubHub, DoorDash, or UberEats (depending on which providers the restaurant decides to work with).

If you are using this feature today, we recommend that you reference this Google article for more information.

Why is Google making this change?

Google is making this change for two primary reasons:

  1. For guests, it provides more transparency into who they are transacting with when placing an online order

  2. For restaurants, it provides more control over the ordering experience for guests than they had previously

What does this mean for Yext customers?

More than 83 percent of customers look for information via Google Search.

As Google changes its search experience, restaurants need to keep up with their impact — so that they can serve their customers wherever they are.

Yext is here to make sure you're in the know about changes like this. Restaurants can use Yext to sync their first-party Pickup and Delivery URLs to the Order with Google experience, known as Food Place Actions. In the image above, '' is the first-party Pickup URL that the business can provide and power directly through Yext.

Note: the change described above does NOT impact the ability to manage Food Place Actions from Yext.

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