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Yext Is Burger King France's Secret Sauce for Digital Marketing

Using the Yext platform, Burger King France has increased the consistency of its restaurant information online, and improved customer satisfaction by responding to online reviews.

Outside a Burger King Location with large windows and Burger King in large white letters lines the top of the building.

Burger King France, the iconic fast food brand, was looking for a tool that would allow it to standardize the online information about its many restaurants — helping to improve its discoverability in search and ensure that customers can access correct and consistent information about its restaurants no matter where they ask questions online. Burger King France identified Yext as the best solution, as it provides brands with the ability to manage and publish verified information from a single centralized platform.

"We needed a partner to help us manage and verify search information at our various points of sale — where customers request it — in order to improve and facilitate in-store traffic," comments Maxime Gangneux, Branch Network Marketing Manager, Burger King France. "Thanks to the various tools offered by Yext, we have found a viable solution that meets our needs."

Burger King Employees laugh as they stand behind a counter, packing customer orders.

Prior to this collaboration with Yext, Burger King France did not directly control its digital data. Rather, the various facts about its restaurants were collected and sent to a service provider.

Burger King France decided to take control of its digital data in 2019, when it began the search for a modular platform that would allow all the group's restaurants, franchised or not, to centralize, update, and publish consistent information (e.g., hours of operation, addresses, menus) across search experiences.

The Results

"In recent years we have seen a change in marketing from a traditional approach to a cross-media approach," explains Gangneux. "It was therefore necessary for Burger King France to take into account changes in consumer behavior. Yext gave us the opportunity to activate the levers we needed to take into account these changes in consumer habits."

Thanks to Yext, Burger King France has been able to easily optimize the consistency between the physical world of its restaurants and the information visible online. In addition, each of the group's restaurants can now manage customer satisfaction by responding to online reviews concerning their establishment. "We are delighted to have such an iconic brand as Burger King among our customers," says Franck Negro, Managing Director of Southern Europe at Yext. "We are committed to supporting their teams in the best possible way so that they can achieve their objectives and support their growth in France."


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