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EmployBridge Leverages Yext to Improve the Job Search for Customers

After acquiring another large company, EmployBridge needed a solution to manage all of its new and existing brand information.

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EmployBridge is one of the nation's leaders in staffing solutions and workforce management strategies. The company — which today manages brands including ProLogistix, ProDrivers, Select Staffing, Remedy Intelligent Staffing, Westaff, RemX, Personnel One, Resource Accounting, and MedicalSolutions — spans more than 490 locations throughout the U.S. and is the fastest growing national provider of staffing and workforce solutions.

"We operate with 12 brands currently," explains Melissa Phillips, Director of Digital Operations. "And we have those brands organized into three groups — commercial staffing, what you might call light industrials, professional staffing, which does more white collar work, and our energy industry division."

Digital strategy is very important to EmployBridge's business. "There are two distinct types of customers for us," Phillips says. "There are clients — our employer customers out there in the marketplace. They use our services to place workers at their locations. Our digital focus, however, is on the recruiting side of the business — these are the people who work for us and represent us in the marketplace. All of the websites that you see, and the social sites that you see, are geared towards finding and attracting them."

When EmployBridge merged with California-based Select Staffing, Phillips knew her team needed a platform to help them manage all of their new and existing brand information. "When you bring two companies of our sizes together, the difficulty is in figuring out what's duplicative," she explains. "There was a lot of overlap — we had to consolidate offices, or move offices, or wait for lease terms to come up and then move into bigger offices. Our Google My Business was still very manual at that point, and Facebook was not very organized, either. So we both had been looking at possible partners to help us get our heads around that problem. Yext was on the list, and we invited Yext to come present to us. We liked what we saw. It was cost-effective and seemed like a good win all around."

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The Results

Now with over 37,000 live listings, EmployBridge has significantly increased its reach across search experiences. Since launching with Yext, the brand has experienced 21% year-over-year growth in listing clicks.

"Once we had all of our data in a single system — and had a cohesive, mobile-responsive website — we got to the point where we became very focused on local search," says Phillips. "We were very aware of the rise in 'near me' searches, and we wanted to be the answer to 'jobs near me.'"

EmployBridge uses Yext to unlock its true rating by generating authentic reviews directly from its customers, and managing and responding to reviews across the digital ecosystem. In the first six months that EmployBridge used Yext, the company's average rating improved by .9 stars.

Phillips understands that customers will typically only leave a review if they've had an extremely negative or positive experience, which isn't representative of the EmployBridge customer base as a whole. "Company reviews are like anything else. If you have a bad experience with someone and you can't get an answer, then you go give a bad review online. So some of our reviews were lower than what we felt like was the reality. Now we're able to reach out to people directly, and say, 'Hi you've experienced working with us for the first time in the last week and we'd like you to review us.'"

The rise in star ratings was immediate. We were maybe averaging a 3 at the time. Now we are a little bit over a 4. So it’s made a full star difference.

Melissa Phillips

Director of Digital Operations

The Difference

Phillips sees mobile as becoming increasingly important to the job hunting experience. "Everything that we have is mobile responsive, all the way through the on-boarding process," she says. "Someone can find a job, apply to a job, get the job, and then onboard with the job all from their mobile phone — and 50% of them do. Yext plays an important role in helping us ensure that our brand information is accessible and accurate across all devices. I recommend Yext wherever I go."

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