Acquire More High-Intent Online Shoppers

Grow your pool of online shoppers and convert more of them to customers by improving your discoverability on search engines and delivering accurate answers on your own website.

How to Acquire More Online Shoppers

Increase Awareness

Increase awareness of your brand and offerings by structuring your data and syncing it for maximum discoverability across the third-party sites shoppers use.

Promote Visitor Engagement

Promote visitor engagement with intuitive, compelling search experiences that deliver answers that are relevant to the user's intent, like checking store hours or product availabilty.

Facilitate Consumer Conversion

Increase conversion by creating a seamless shopping experience. Whether shoppers are asking questions, exploring product or promotional offerings, or asking direct questions, ensure they always get an answer on third party sites and your website.

Amplify your digital marketing strategy and convert more shoppers with the Yext Knowledge Graph

The Yext Retail Knowledge Graph is purpose-built to store and structure all the public-facing facts about your brand — and the relationships between them — so your brand can deliver correct answers to intelligent services and the shoppers who use them.
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