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Allmenus is the largest local menu guide and website in the United States. Allmenus provides its 5M monthly site visitors with an online ordering directory and menu information for over 255,000 restaurants nationwide.

*Allmenus is not available to US Partners.

Supported Fields

Menu Sync

Showcase your menu to let consumers know if you're serving what they crave.

Listings Sync

Maintain accurate and consistent information about your locations across various online directories, search engines, social media platforms, and other online services.


Let customers know how to address you by giving them a name.


Let travelers know where they can locate your business.

Main phone

Let customers know where they can contact you at your main number.


Drive more consumers to your webpages by providing a direct link to your website.

Reservation URL

Ensure consumers can make reservations at your restaurant locations with ease.

Menu URL

Drive consumers to the most up-to-date version of your online menus.


Help consumers and intelligent services understand what you have to offer by associating yourself with the right categories for your business.

Order URL

Make sure consumers are able to place orders on the website of the restaurant location closest to them.

Technical Details

Update Time


Affliate Publishers


Supported Countries

United States

Supported Languages


Supported Fields

Name, Address, Local Phone, Main phone, Website, Reservation URL, Order URL, Menu URL, ECL, SEO Friendly, Categories, Supports Menu ECL, Menu Name, Section Name, Section Description, Item Name, Item Description, Item Price

Supported Features

Menu Sync, Listings Sync

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