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CitySpark partners with media companies to help them give their audiences the local event content they crave. CitySpark accepts and catalouges hundreds of event categories to build local calendars that can be embedded into mobile, tablet or desktop sites.

Supported Fields

Listings Sync

Maintain accurate and consistent information about your locations across various online directories, search engines, social media platforms, and other online services.

Events Sync

Catch potential attendees eyes and help your event listing stand out

Event Calendars

Drive more offline traffic by highlighting special store events and promotions with event calendars.

Event Analytics

Understand how attendees are discovering your events and interacting with your listings.

RSVP Tracking

Know who's coming! See attendee RSVPs and monitor trends over time and across locations.

Free Event Flag

Let your 'free' flag fly! Add a flag to your event listings and let attendees know they can attend at no cost.

Technical Details

Update Time


Affliate Publishers


Supported Countries

Canada, United Kingdom, United States

Supported Languages


Supported Fields

RSVP Tracking, Event Analytics, Event Calendars, Free Event Flag

Supported Features

Dual Sync, Events Sync

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