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Content Endpoints for Reviews

Use the Content API to fetch individual reviews and reviews aggregate data.

Streams is the architecture which handles sending data from Yext Content to Yext’s consumer-facing systems, like Search, Pages, and Listings. Streams can handle traversing relationships in Yext Content so that consumer systems can receive data from related records. Streams is also extremely efficient - it handles processing all updates to data and regenerates only the records for which those updates are relevant, so downstream systems can simply consume the records produced by Streams and ensure their data is always up-to-date. Content Endpoints allow external developers to leverage the Streams architecture to extract data from Yext.

The Content Endpoints for Reviews app installs two Content Endpoints into your account. One allows you to pull individual review data - a full review and rating. The other allows you to pull aggregate review data - the average rating and number of reviews from one source for a given entity in Yext. Both of the endpoints allow you to pull data from First Party and External First Party reviews. - one for individual Reviews, and one for Reviews Aggregate Data. These endpoints are filtered to only First Party and External First Party reviews.

To learn more about and get started with Streams, you can follow this Hitchhiker Guide:

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