Workato: Advanced Integrations

Connect Yext with other SaaS apps through Workato

Workato is an easy and secure way to stand up custom integrations and automate business workflows cross functionally, code-free.

Connect Yext with other SaaS apps instantly via APIs, using Workato’s drag-and-drop interface in plain english. Moreover, automate syncing data or setting up custom notifications across multiple applications via built-in business logic, such as batch polling, event-based IF/THEN, Transform and ForLoop.

Here are a few common use cases, though Workato can support any data orchestration as long as API endpoints are available:

• Enhance Search by syncing data from various systems to Entity/Object in Yext

• Sync Yext with your CRM to orchestrate review data and customer contacts

• Funnel Yext Analytics data into your BI tool or data warehouse

Workato is trusted by enterprises around the world, such as Sony, Visa, UNIQLO with support teams in North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

If you are a Yext customer, you can get a 30-day free trial by getting in touch via:

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