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Is your location data up-to-date? Yext allows you to seamlessly update the facts about your business in one easy to use platform.

According to a recent study by the Local Search Association, 70% of consumers are willing to share their location information if they believe they are getting something of value in return. But how do you deem what's "valuable" to a consumer? By understanding the greater context of their locations, both past and present, through geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting is the practice of delivering content to a user based on his or her geographic location through their mobile device. This can be done on the city or zipcode level by IP address, device ID, GPS sign, or through geo-fencing. This location-based marketing strategy makes it easier for businesses to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience, which is critical for reaching consumers. Used frequently by brick-and-mortar businesses, geo-targeting ultimately helps drive foot traffic to physical locations.

Marketers geo-target people on their mobile devices because each person's physical location says something about their environment and mindset at a given time. Whether geo-targeting efforts are related to gathering information about a consumer's real or past location, it achieves a more in-depth understanding of who the consumer is and what they are likely to purchase.

Location history is essential to thoughtful marketing because consumer history offers insights into interests and intent, and is very reliable in predicting consumer purchasing patterns. Consumers who are thoroughly understood by marketers are apt to be more receptive to content because it is truly relevant to their lives.

Having a strong online presence alongside accurate and consistent location data is key for businesses thinking about a geo-targeting strategy. Take control of how your location appears online with Yext Listings. Yext partners with the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps, and business directories across the globe. Leverage our direct connections to get found no matter where consumers are searching. Check out our full Publisher Network.

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