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Google My Business Attributes

Learn more about the new Google My Business Attributes and features through our management tool. Read detailed information on keeping your listing up-to-date.

According to Google, the exponential growth that 'near me' searches have seen year over year are finally slowing. Comparable searches without 'near' me are on the rise, because 'near me' is now implied — and expected. With less and less 'near me' searches occurring, you might be wondering: what can I do to contextualize my business to stand out from the rest?

Luckily, Google understands that your business isn't just defined by simple NAP data, like name, address, and phone number. And to help you describe what your business has to offer and the unique traits that make it special. Attributes also help optimize your business for search, so that customers can better find businesses with the details they care about. For example, through attributes, a business can indicate whether or not they have an ATM on premise, off takeout or delivery, have outdoor seating. It's worth noting that, 70% of hotel searches are for a particular amenity like "hotel with an indoor pool" or "hotel with a Jacuzzi." When consumers conduct these types of unbranded query, attributes can help your search performance, while providing consumers with increasingly relevant search results as they continue on the path to purchase.

The attributes you can add to your Google listings are determined by your business category. For example, restaurants can note that they accept reservations or that they offer gluten-free options. Hotels can specify if they welcome dogs, and grocery stores can highlight the organic products they offer. The possibilities are endless!That being said, many attributes are also very and can be applied to all businesses. For example, many businesses can denote things like whether or not they're open on Sundays, LGBTQ-friendly, and more.These attributes are populated on Google's Knowledge Card, which prominently showcases information that users typically search for, such as the address, hours, website, and other basic information about a business.

More and more often searchers are presented with intelligent and direct answers from Knowledge Cards. Geomarketing recently estimated that 1 in 4 Google searches evoke Knowledge Card results. Users are becoming more accustomed and are reliant on intelligent answers, and less on your business' website looking for details such as whether or not you take reservations. Adding as many Google My Business attributes to your Google listings will give searchers an increased level of detail about your company that can ultimately help drive foot traffic to your locations. Google displays these attributes across Search, Maps, Ads, Google+, and more. Add these keywords to your Google listings now to ensure your business stands out across Google's multitude of properties! Learn more about Google My Business Attributes on our blog.

Intelligent search is rising and it's more important than ever that you're in control of the public information about your company. Information about your business now lives in so many more places than your own website, making it almost impossible to update all of your digital information manually. Yext Listings gives you the power to seamlessly manage your company's digital information across 100+ intelligent services, ensuring the information your customers find about your business is accurate and consistent across the web. One of the many integrations in the Publisher Network is with Google My Business, which empowers businesses to manage facts about their business only Google, directly in Yext. To learn more about Google my Business and managing your business listings on Google Search, Google Maps, Google+, and Waze, check out Yext's Guide to Google Business Profile.

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