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Google Business Profile Attributes

Learn how using Google Business Profile attributes can help you provide more information about your business and help customers find you based on what you have to offer.

For many people, the customer experience begins as soon as they type their query into a search engine. They're looking for results that meet their needs. And it's up to businesses to provide details that quickly answer their questions and ensure it provides them with a relevant search result. Google Business Profile lets you edit information and add facts and features that showcase what makes you unique — it gives you a way to list your attributes.

Google Business Profile attributes appear on your Profile, Maps, and Search. They're mini statements that help searchers identify what your business offers to see if you're a fit. For instance, let's say someone is looking for a store that offers curbside pickup. If your business does that, it's an attribute that can be added to your business profile. Other attributes might be things like "Wi-Fi," "outdoor seating," "women-owned," "online classes," or "in-store pickup."

Attributes available to businesses vary for a variety of reasons. They can be different depending on the country or region you're in. And they're based on the type of business you conduct. The other thing to note is that Google Business Profile Attributes can be objective or subjective. When they're objective, they are factual. For example, the types of payments accepted or if you have a delivery service. The objective attribute categories on Google Business Profile cover things like accessibility, payment, services, amenities, and health and safety.

Google makes it easy for businesses with multiple locations to add objective attributes. If your edits are unique to a geographical area, you can add attributes to a single location at a time. However, you can also make bulk edits, updating multiple locations simultaneously.

Subjective attributes are based on opinions and come from customers. Often they relate to quality and atmosphere. Your business may be labeled as "popular for late-night snacks," "cozy," or "kid-friendly." These subjective attributes are created by users and cannot be modified by the business.

Accurate Google Business Profile attributes are essential for quickly displaying relevant information in search results and increasing visibility in search queries. Whenever you add an attribute, you've broadened your reach. And since 84% of searches are discovery searches, it's also a way to boost your brand appeal to new and existing customers.

As with any information, keep your attributes current and add to them as your brand grows and changes. Learn more about Yext Listings, or read more about the importance of a complete Google Business Profile.

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