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MACH-aligned Platform

Learn what defines a MACH-aligned platform and how it can outperform a monolithic platform.

A MACH-aligned platform is a technology architecture that is modular, replaceable, scalable, and able to be continually improved by swapping in and out different components of a tech stack.

MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless. Let's look at each piece.

Microservice-based applications break down complex software tasks into smaller, more manageable units. Unlike all-in-one platforms where each component is interconnected and interdependent, microservices are isolated and execute specific tasks. Each service is independent and communicates with others via APIs. This creates a flexible and resilient system where each service can be scaled separately depending on demand; if one service fails, it doesn't affect the others.

API-first means that the platform is built with APIs from the ground up and most or all functionality is accessed by both customers and partners via an API. Prioritizing APIs ensures that any app will seamlessly connect with internal and external applications without having to start from scratch. This reduces the amount of work that has to be done to achieve the same functionality, which saves money. It also creates a consistent user experience.

Cloud-native SaaS is software-as-a-service that is built using composable architecture and developed for speed and scale. It provides a smoother and more intuitive user experience and allows businesses to take advantage of all of the benefits of cloud-based software beyond just storage and hosting, like elastic scaling of resources and automatic updates to functionality based on demand.

Headless means that the front-end presentation layer (or the "head") is decoupled from the back-end functionalities like databases, management systems, or business logic. This separation allows brands to deliver content seamlessly across any device or channel without being tied to a specific presentation layer. Businesses can more easily push content and services to websites, apps, voice assistants and more for an omnichannel approach.

A MACH-aligned platform allows an organization to be flexible, efficient, and to scale in a cost-effective way. It lets businesses choose from the best tools on the market and provides a structure that makes it easy to add, replace, or remove technologies in the future.

Yext is a member of the MACH Alliance, committed to bringing the benefits of vetted, modern technology to our partners and customers. Yext has robust out-of-the box integrations and a modern MACH architecture so you can seamlessly combine our products with your CDP, commerce platform, business intelligence tools, and more. You're free to work with the platforms you're already using, and you have the flexibility to select and assemble tools in various combinations to create your ideal tech stack.

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