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Composable DXP

Learn about how a composable DXP can help you assemble a top-flight series of best-of-breed software vendors solutions that work together by leveraging APIs and microservices.

A composable DXP (digital experience platform) is a crucial strategy that many brands are embracing to strengthen and future-proof their tech stacks. It's an architecture that you can build based on your business needs, and an essential part of delivering a consistent and cohesive customer experience across channels, and its capabilities encompass everything from content management and personalization, to both conversational and generative AI.

Research by Gartner found that a composable DXP was critical for meeting market needs. But to utilize it in a way that's optimal for your brand, it's helpful to understand exactly what a composable DXP is.

Think of a composable DXP like this: It's a platform with a foundation assembled from several solutions — in other words, an integrated collection of technologies that work together to create congruent experiences across digital channels. The main objective of a composable DXP is to bypass the limitations of monolithic architecture and be able to pivot quickly to meet changing consumer demands.

Initially, DXPs were one-size-fits-all solutions where the prepackaged ingredients often didn't live up to expectations. By making a DXP composable, you can assemble solutions in a way that addresses your brand's unique needs and change over time as those business needs evolve. Your stack contains interaction capabilities and configurations that optimize your customers' experiences.

Composable DXPs are built using MACH architecture rather than monolithic. The acronym stands for "Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless." Microservices are an approach where software is composed of independent applications that can be deployed, managed, and scaled independently. API integrations connect applications and software systems, and headless technology is stored on the backend of a system. Headless, in other words, decouples the front and back end, making the presentation layer more flexible. All of this creates an architecture that gives you more freedom to build the customer experience you want.

A composable DXP makes you the conductor of an orchestra — and what you're conducting is the customer journey. And since 73% of consumers say that the customer experience is a major deciding factor in their purchase decision, the journey is critical to your business success. A composable DXP lets you customize and swiftly adapt the journey based on data. With a composable DXP, you have the power to choose the right tools and services for enhancing the digital experience by finding options that work well together and provide coverage for the entire journey.

A composable DXP gives you the versatility you need today to stay competitive and meet your customer's needs while also future-proofing your tech stack for when those needs evolve. Find out how you can streamline your content and deliver an exceptional customer experience using a composable DXP and Yext products like Pages and Search.

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