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Mainstreethost Introduces Control to Small Business Customers with Yext

“As a standalone service, Yext is great since it is impossible to control much of anything in our industry! And the fact that Google opened up its API to allow integration with Yext is significant. As a partner I look forward to any further partnership between Yext and Google.”

Erin Shipley, Social Media Manager

Mainstreethost keeps its mission simple: to help businesses grow through effective digital marketing. “We were established in 1999 as just a search engine optimization company and since then have broadened our horizons to become a full scale digital marketing company—which means that we in one house cover everything from search engine optimization to hosting, web development, content, writing, and social media,” recounts Erin Shipley, Social Media Manager.

The agency for years had been exerting tremendous effort to ensure listings consistency for its clients when Yext came into the picture. “Although we been aware of Yext for a few years, we had never really delved into what exactly Yext could do for us until Yext approached us,” recalls Shipley. “Yext’s fit with our customers’ needs is a windfall because Yext is a platform that gives our customers control. Our clients are small brick and mortar businesses, and for them to take the time to claim listings and fix inaccuracies is simply not realistic,” Shipley explains. “Time is money, and for our customers that is a significant amount of money.”

Since activating 500 clients on Yext, Mainstreethost’s inbound marketing team has seen a significant positive increase in local search traffic for both its own two locations as well as for its clients’ locations. Moreover, the agency’s mom and pop shop clients are experiencing something they never had before: control. “When we sell Yext we tell clients that it will actually allow for control. Given how difficult it is to obtain control in our industry, clients absolutely love to hear this.” The agency tries to incorporate Yext into whatever package it can for a local business. “Google looks at your local search presence, your citations. It wants to see accurate, consistent data across the board. Once inaccuracies are fixed, your website rankings go up. As such, we are seeing positive results when we activate Yext for clients,” glows Shipley. “Overall our customers seem quite happy with Yext’s offering.”

Shipley relates an anecdote of customer delight Mainstreethost has been able to provide through Yext: “Recently we ran a campaign for a client of ours for Valentine’s Day and saw an increase in local search traffic as well as an increase in local foot traffic into his stores, after activating Yext. Talk about sharing the love!”

Yext Duplicate Suppression has also been a huge selling point for Shipley and the Mainstreethost team. “This is the aspect of Yext on which our sales team perhaps focuses most. We center client conversations on our ability to control and update listings immediately and our unique capability to clean up duplicates,” explains Shipley. “Businesses actually notice those duplicates. Providing them with a way to suppress duplicates is fantastic and goes directly back to our key selling point of placing control in the hands of small businesses.”

Mainstreethost appreciates that Yext offers great technology as well as a vision for its location management platform and ecosystem. For example, its clients have been thrilled to hear about the Google integration. “The fact that Google opened up its API to allow integration with Yext is significant. As a Yext partner, I look forward to any further partnership between Yext and Google.”