Winter '18 Release Notes

Winter '18

The below features are available as part of Yext’s Winter '18 Product Release. Unless otherwise noted, all features are available globally, though some have market-specific nuances described below.

Unless otherwise noted, customers can gain early access to these features by visiting Account Settings, clicking Account Features in the left sidebar, and toggling the new features on in their accounts.


Knowledge Assistant

Knowledge Manager

Knowledge Engine Platform & APIs

Yext for Food


WeChat Location Mini Programs




App Directory




Knowledge Assistant

  • PACKAGE: Base
  • CHANNEL: All

Updating Yext is now as easy as texting your friends!

With the new Yext Knowledge Assistant, you can update your digital knowledge on the go, directly from your smartphone — without needing to log in.

Use the Knowledge Assistant to:

  • Add photos
  • Update holiday hours
  • See and respond to reviews
  • …all via SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Add photos

Want to add a new photo to your Yext-powered Listings and/or Pages? Simply send a photo to the Knowledge Assistant and confirm the entity/ies to which you’d like to add that photo.

Supported via SMS in the USA & Canada only. Supported globally via Facebook Messenger.

Update holiday hours

You can update your holiday hours anytime by messaging the Knowledge Assistant. And, if you haven’t updated your hours for an upcoming holiday, the Knowledge Assistant will proactively reach out to you to confirm or change your hours.

Supported globally via SMS & Facebook Messenger.

See and respond to reviews

The Knowledge Assistant will reach out when Yext detects a new review that a consumer leaves on any Yext-powered property across the web. If that review is on a site on which Yext supports Review Response, you can also send the Knowledge Assistant your response, and it will post it to the review.

Supported globally via SMS & Facebook Messenger. Review Monitoring is supported for customers with the Professional package. Review Response is currently supported on Google, Facebook, and Yell (UK), as well as for first-party reviews, for customers with the Ultimate package.

The Knowledge Assistant is available globally. As of the Winter '18 Release, the Knowledge Assistant communicates in English only.

Knowledge Manager

New platform support for ATMs, drop boxes, charging stations, and retail kiosks

  • PACKAGE: Base
  • CHANNEL: Direct customers only

With new platform support for ATMs, drop boxes, charging stations, and retail kiosks, you can control and manage key information about these entities with a new, tailored experience. Platform support for these entities is available globally for direct customers of Yext.

Retailers can control data about coin-counting machines, self-serve rental stations, electronics trade-in stations, or other in-store kiosks.

Delivery and logistics companies can help customers find drop boxes and self-service locations.

Automotive companies can highlight vehicle charging stations.

Banks can leverage this update to ensure consumers see accurate information about their ATMs, including the branches or offices in which those ATMs are located.

This update includes a new profile type created specifically for ATMs that includes:

  • Tailored subset of fields: The new ATMs profile type excludes fields that are not relevant to ATMs, making the experience of viewing and managing data easy. Fields available in this profile type are: Name, Categories (fixed — see below), Address (except Service Area and Address Hidden), Located In (new — see below), Map Marker, Business Phone, Featured Message, Store ID, Business Hours, Additional Hours Info, Holiday Hours, Websites, Business Logo, and Internal Use Only (Closed, Folder Location, Labels, and read-only Location Type).
  • New "Located In" field: Use this field to note ATMs that are located inside branch or office locations. You can only select locations that are present in your account.
  • Fixed primary category: For all ATM entities using this profile type, the Primary Category field will be fixed to "ATM". You may not edit this value. ATMs will inherit the same brand categories as the rest of the locations in the account. No additional categories may be added.
  • Existing customers who already have ATMs in their accounts can switch these entities to this new profile type. Once this change is made, it cannot be reversed.


Example of an ATM location leveraging the new ATM profile type.

New platform support and the new ATMs profile type are available globally. For entities in markets the PowerListingsⓇ Network publishers below support and which are subscribed to the Starter package or above, the publishers below will display ATMs, dropboxes, charging stations, and retail kiosks as locations, with the noted restrictions.

Visit and filter by country to see the publishers that support entities in your market(s).

  • Google
  • Bing
  • MapQuest
  • Facebook
  • TomTom - Submission publisher
  • HERE Technologies - Submission publisher
  • Apple - Submission publisher
  • Yahoo - Only supports standalone ATMs and kiosks; does not support entities within stores. Requires local phone number.
  • Waze - Submission publisher
  • YP - Optional. Only supports standalone ATMs and kiosks; does not support entities within stores.

Choose to see Google My Business & Facebook fields for unsubscribed locations

  • PACKAGE: Base
  • CHANNEL: All

You can now choose to show Google My Business and Facebook fields on an entity's Knowledge Manager page even if the entity is not subscribed to those sites.

Knowledge Engine Platform & APIs

New navigation bar & design

  • PACKAGE: Base
  • CHANNEL: All

The navigation bar at the top of the screen has a new ADA/WCAG-compliant design and color scheme.


Request to assign or unassign licenses

  • PACKAGE: Base
  • CHANNEL: Enterprise

You can now request that licenses be added or removed from entities directly from Yext Knowledge Manager. This update allows you to more quickly initiate the launch of new entities or the removal of existing entities on all Yext products included in your subscription.

In order to apply new licenses, you will need available licenses in your account. You can purchase additional licenses by contacting your Yext Account Manager.

API Updates

  • PACKAGE: Base
  • CHANNEL: All

The Winter '18 Release includes the below updates to Yext's APIs. To receive updates like these in your inbox, visit Yext's Developer Blog and subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Knowledge API
    • The Knowledge API now supports filtering by multiple folders. This means you can now return entities that belong to any of multiple folders with one request. Previously, you needed to make one request per folder. This improvement was also made to the Live API, as noted below.
  • Listings: List API
    • To improve convenience for developers, the Listings: List API now returns results sorted by Publisher Name, with a secondary sort by Location Name.
  • Reviews: List API
    • You can now set Review Status as a query parameter in the Reviews: List API.
  • Review Invitations API
    • Review Invitations Webhook: You can now get notified any time a new review invitation is created in your account. The webhook will notify destination apps when they should send a review invitation to consumers.
    • Update Invitations Object: When a Review Destinations app sends its own review invitation, it can now update Yext with data about that invitation, such as the time a consumer opened the email or the review that resulted from the invitation.
  • Live API
    • The Live API now supports filtering by multiple folders. This means you can now return entities that belong to any of multiple folders with one request. Previously, you needed to make one request per folder. This improvement was also made to the Knowledge API, as noted above.
    • App Developers can now create consumer-grade apps, like chatbots, that utilize the Live API.
    • The Live API now supports sorting by the First Name and Last Name fields, as well as any single-line text custom fields. This allows users to add these fields as sorting parameters in the consumer-grade experiences they power with the Live API, like their Store Locators. If two or more results have the same content in the field chosen as the sorting parameter, the Live API will use distance as a tiebreaker and will return the closer result first.
    • Language profile endpoints in the Live API now have a "rendered" param, which includes the whole profile for a given entity in the requested language. Previously, the Live API used to return only fields specific to a given language, and would then need to match those fields to other fields on an entity's profile.
  • Scan API
    • The Scan API V2 now includes the Pages scan.

Yext for Food

  • PACKAGE: Available add-on to Starter
  • CHANNEL: All

Yext for Food is a purpose-built, holistic solution that helps restaurant brands control the facts about themselves where consumers search. Restaurant brands around the globe can centralize data about their locations and menus, and publish it across a growing, food-focused network of discovery sites. With customers increasingly searching for menu items like "chicken parmesan" or attributes like "outdoor seating," Yext for Food makes it possible for your business to get found when customers conduct searches like these.

You can create, edit, and manage the facts about your 'Restaurants' via the new Restaurant profile type in Knowledge Manager.


Existing customers will be allowed to switch their restaurants stored as generic 'Locations' to the 'Restaurants' profile type. Please note that once this change is made, it cannot be reversed.

Then, give consumers important details by defining restaurant attributes, such as Meals Served, Attire, and Price Range.


With the ability to add a source URL for each menu item, you can link to dedicated pages where consumers can find even more information about your menu.


Publish your structured menu data across discovery sites like Zomato, Postmates,, Google, and Yelp to help engage with your menu directly in search results. You can read more about the new publishers included in the Yext for Food add-on in the Listings section of these Release Notes below.


Ready-made integrations connect Yext to the systems and processes you use everyday, such as OpenMenu, Trabon, Tiger Pistol, and more. You can learn more about the Yext App Directory at



New PowerListingsⓇ Network publishers

  • PACKAGE: Starter; some distinctions noted below
  • CHANNEL: All


We’re proud to continue enhancing the PowerListings Network with new integrations that drive breadth, speed, and accuracy for our customers’ brands in search today. Changes to our network include:


  • Available as an add-on to the Starter package, Yext for Food provides connections to a curated network of food-focused endpoints that customers can publish across their optimizing structured menu data and menu URLs. These include:
    • Please note, businesses must be customers of both and Yext to take advantage of this functionality.
    • is an online ordering site that supports restaurant businesses in the United States. Yext customers can update key restaurant data, including hours of operation and website URL, and, add their structured menu information that consumers can engage with directly on also supports features like Review Monitoring.
    • MenuPix is an online menu provider that supports restaurant businesses in the United States. Yext customers can update their key restaurant data and add their structured menu information that consumers can engage with directly on MenuPix.
    • Postmates is one of the leading on-demand delivery sites that supports businesses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Yext customers can update their key restaurant data and add their structured menu information that consumers can engage with directly on Postmates.
    • Zomato is an online ordering and reservation site that supports restaurant businesses around the globe. Yext customers can update their key restaurant data and add their structured menu information that consumers can engage with directly on Zomato.

Please note, if you are a Yext for Food customer, you will be able to view your status of your Listings on these publishers in your dashboard by the end of February.


  • Branchenbuch Deutschland is one of Germany’s original online directories. Yext customers can update key digital knowledge, like Hours of Operation, Menu URLs, Product and Service Lists, Payment Methods Accepted, and more — in real time for their locations in Germany. Branchenbuch Deutschland also supports features such as Duplicate Suppression, Featured Message, and more.

United Kingdom

  • Yell now supports Review Response.


United States

  • Healthcare customers with the PowerListingsⓇ Network: Healthcare add-on can now control and manage their information on CareDash. CareDash is a healthcare directory that helps patients find, connect with, and make more informed decisions about the doctors and facilities right for them. Yext customers can add details such as degrees, insurance accepted, hours of operation, and even headshots. Caredash supports features such as Duplicate Suppression, Featured Message, and more.
  • WhitePages' integration has transitioned from API to submission. Updates to digital knowledge will be processed on a monthly basis.
  • CoPilot is no longer part of the PowerListingsⓇ Network in the United States.

Please note, unlike the other features in this release, you do not need to turn on these publishers in order to get your eligible locations live. You can view the status of your Listings on these publishers at any time, directly in the Listings section of your dashboard.

Google Posts available for businesses with fewer than 10 locations

  • PACKAGE: Professional (Partner) and Premium (SMB)
  • CHANNEL: Partner & SMB

As of October 2017, businesses with fewer than 10 locations can now create and publish Google Posts from within Yext. This feature appears at the Post sub-tab under Listings. Click here to learn more about how to leverage Google Posts for your business.

Unlike the other items included in the Winter '18 Release Notes, eligible customers do not need to toggle on any features to access Google Posts — the feature already appears in their accounts.

WeChat Location Mini Programs

  • PACKAGE: Starter; customers must meet specific eligibility requirements
  • CHANNEL: Direct customers only

Yext customers who have at least one location in Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau can now ensure their location(s) in these market(s) appear on WeChat. Yext can now create and power a Location Mini Program (LMP), equivalent to a mobile store locator inside the WeChat app, for these customers.

The WeChat app currently sees 902M daily users, and WeChat LMPs allow users to discover and share brands' physical locations without leaving the WeChat app.

  • WeChat LMPs are linked to Tencent Map, so Yext must also power a customer's Tencent listings in order to create the WeChat LMP.
  • Once the LMP is created, Yext users can update their Hours, Phone Number, and Photos on WeChat via API.
  • If a customer has locations in additional markets beyond Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau (e.g., a retailer has 100 locations in the United States, 10 in Mainland China, and 1 in Hong Kong), only those locations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau will appear in the WeChat LMP.

If you have locations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau, reach out to your Yext representative to activate your WeChat LMP today!


New Schema types added to Knowledge Tags

  • PACKAGE: Add-on to Base and above
  • CHANNEL: All

We continue to update Knowledge Tags with the latest tagging. All customers can now tag their Facebook URLs with SameAs, and food customers can now leverage the Price Range field.

  • Knowledge Tags has added SameAs property to all Schema types so that you can identify to intelligent services which Facebook page maps to your brand.
  • For our food customers Knowledge Tags will now automatically update your schema to include price range so that intelligent services can share this information with consumers.
  • "Apartment" had been added as a Schema type. Now local businesses that fall under this category will automatically identify that they are Apartments to intelligent services.

If you have Yext Knowledge Tags, the relevant Schema types will be automatically added to your website! Click here to learn more about how Knowledge Tags can help your business.


With the Winter '18 Release, we’ve improved Yext Reviews to help you better understand your reviews and what they tell you about your business. This added functionality will power new ways of engaging with customers.

Sentiment Analysis

  • PACKAGE: Ultimate
  • CHANNEL: All

With Sentiment Analysis, you can now track Keywords that appear in positive or negative reviews and show the star rating, number of mentions, and sentiment score for each keyword.

To gain further insights from your reviews, group Keywords into Collections and track which Collections are associated with positive or negative reviews. For example, a restaurant could create Collections for different meals like "breakfast", "lunch", and "dinner", and then track the modifiers associated like "delicious", "fast", "hot", "slow", or "service" to see which of these impact their reviews positively or negatively.

Sentiment Analysis is available globally, but will only calculate a sentiment score for English-language reviews. Sentiment Analysis will still capture keywords and associated adjectives for reviews in non-English languages.


Reviews Competitive Intelligence

  • PACKAGE: Ultimate; also available as part of the Competitive Intelligence add-on to Base and above*
  • CHANNEL: All

The context of a location’s rating can be just as important as the rating itself. A 3-star rating is great if your competitor’s nearby locations average a 2.5, but it’s awful if those same locations average a 4.5. New in the Winter '18 Release, Reviews Competitive Intelligence enables Yext users to compare their average rating to up to 5 local competitors of their choice.

In the Knowledge Manager, choose up to 5 competitors to which you’d like to compare your ratings. Choose global competitors in bulk for all your locations, or choose specific local competitors for each location.


Once you select competitor names in the Knowledge Manager, Yext will automatically detect the nearest location of your chosen competitor(s) to each of your locations and compare their review data to yours.

We’ve also added new Analytics modules to the Reviews Overview tab for a high-level overview of how your locations compare to competitors you choose.


The new "Competitors Average Rating" section (just below the current percentile scan data) will display "all-time" data comparing your locations to the chosen competitors.

*Note: if you purchase the Competitive Intelligence add-on with the Base or Starter packages, you will be able to select up to 5 competitors to monitor, but you will not be able to compare these competitors’ ratings to your own ratings. This is because Yext requires the Review Monitoring feature to pull your own reviews into the dashboard, and Review Monitoring is in the Professional package. To leverage the full power of Reviews Competitive Intelligence, purchase the Ultimate package, or purchase the Professional package and the Competitive Intelligence add-on.

Automatically apply review labels

  • PACKAGE: Ultimate
  • CHANNEL: All

You will now be able to set up filters so that as new reviews come in with specified criteria, labels will automatically be applied.

Show customers the name of the user who replied to a review

  • PACKAGE: Ultimate
  • CHANNEL: All

You can now see the platform user who wrote a review response, if the response was written from the Yext platform.

Review Response now supported on Yell

  • PACKAGE: Ultimate
  • CHANNEL: All

Customers with locations in the United Kingdom can now reply to reviews on Yell.

Additional enhancements

  • Emails that failed to be delivered to customers will show more granular failure reasons.  
  • Enhanced reliability of Facebook account linking
  • Reviews imported from other platforms now go through a quarantine period
  • International Text Message Improvements: Yext will now support text message review invitations for locations in Germany and added a UK and Canada shortcode for text message invitations
  • Improved favicon for collection site
  • Addition of "All Destinations" to the Reviews Generation tab to support future App Directory partnerships


Competitive Intelligence

  • PACKAGE: Ultimate; also available as an add-on to Base and above
  • CHANNEL: All

Understand how your brand compares with your local competition — whether those be single-location small businesses or large national chains — so you can make informed business decisions and analyze ongoing campaigns. Yext provides you with the data you need for a comprehensive understanding of the customer discovery funnel.

The new Yext Competitive Intelligence offering includes enhancements to the Search Tracker, which gives you an understanding of how you "rank" versus your competitors in local search, and Reviews Competitive Intelligence, which helps you how your reviews stack up against the local competition. Visit the Reviews section of these Release Notes to learn more about Reviews Competitive Intelligence.

Reviews Competitive Intelligence reports added to Report Builder

  • PACKAGE: Ultimate + Available as part of the Competitive Intelligence add-on to Base and above
  • CHANNEL: All

We've added a new full set of reports specific to Reviews Competitive Intelligence in the Report Builder.

With the data we've collected via scans, users can view all results in Report Builder. The main metric we display to users is the average rating of their location(s) compared to their nearby competitors’ location(s), per publisher, over time.

To learn more about Reviews Competitive Intelligence, see the Reviews section of these Release Notes above.

Search Tracker updates

  • PACKAGE: Ultimate + Available as part of the Competitive Intelligence add-on to Base and above
  • CHANNEL: All

We've renamed the Intelligent Search Tracker to the Search Tracker. We've supercharged the Search Tracker with competitive features and added it to the new Competitive Intelligence offering.

The summary dashboard now highlights your brand's Share of Intelligent search against your named competitors to give you a high-level overview of your control of the local search ecosystem.

The Search Tracker now tracks organic and local pack ads for your brand along with your competitors' brands to get a holistic view of where paid ads appear in local search.


Additional updates to the Search Tracker include new metrics and new ways to view the platform in order to help find trends in local search more easily:

  • "Biggest Movers" have been surfaced to make it easy to see which searches had the largest changes week-over-week.
  • New status page helps you set up the Search Tracker even faster. It includes tips, setup progress and search tracking progress.

Additional enhancements

Additional updates to Analytics provide new ways to normalize data and get more details about the metrics available in the platform:

  • Analytics can now be normalized by location count (and can be normalized for how many locations are in a folder) for more accurate comparisons of performance in search.
  • We’ve updated the metric picker to provide more detail about metrics so that users know exactly what to pick when investigating their trends in search.

App Directory

  • PACKAGE: The App Directory is available in Base; however, some apps may only be leveraged in conjunction with higher packages. International app availability depends on the app’s ability to support customers in your market.
  • CHANNEL: All


We continue to partner with some of the biggest enterprise platforms to bring you new ways to transfer your digital knowledge to and from Yext. Connect Yext with these systems to maximize efficiency, maintain accuracy across platforms, and become a more intelligent enterprise.

New apps in the Winter '18 Release include:

Tiger Pistol

  • Sync your Yext data to run thousands of local Facebook & Instagram campaigns in minutes.
  • Businesses with hundreds or thousands of locations can support them with Facebook & Instagram advertising. Connect your Yext profile to Tiger Pistol to open up a new world of Social advertising capabilities.
    • All of your locations (including their Facebook Pages…) will auto-populate in Tiger Pistol, updated in-real time as changes occur in Yext. Tiger Pistol will sync your locations’ name, website, contact information, address, and Facebook Page so that your locations are within minutes of publishing localized Facebook & Instagram campaigns.
    • Choose from the breadth of Facebook’s 'Locally' applicable objectives to create a campaign.
    • Select the locations or groups of locations for which you would like your campaign to apply and then simply choose the budget you would like to spend per location, add your creative and copy, determine what you would like localized and…
  • Tiger Pistol will auto-build your campaign on each of the selected location Pages/profiles, with auto localization as defined across all the applicable pages/profiles, and even leveraging your national audiences.
  • Requirements: You'll need to have the following to run Facebook & Instagram ads via Tiger Pistol.
    • A Yext Account
    • A Tiger Pistol Account
    • A Facebook Business Manager (if you don’t have one of these, Tiger Pistol can help you set this up)
    • Once you’ve got the above, simply navigate to the Network Overview screen in your Tiger Pistol account, click "Import from Yext" and follow the instructions.
  • Tiger Pistol currently supports businesses in the United States.


  • Power your Snaps chatbot with Yext Knowledge, seamlessly.
  • The Snaps app for Yext makes your enterprise chatbot experience even better by centralizing your Yext knowledge in your Snaps account. Create a bot with Snaps and provide customers with real-time, location-based business information courtesy of your Yext knowledge. Consumers will be able to get directions to the nearest location of your store, easily call the location, and see hours of operations all within their bot experience.
  • Note:
    • To install this app, you’ll need a Snaps account, as well as a Yext account.
    • Enable this integration by going to the "Integrations" tab on the left-hand sidebar in your bot.
  • Snaps currently supports businesses in the United States.


  • Sync your Yext locations to Radar, the location platform for mobile apps.
  • With Radar, you can add location context and tracking to your apps with <10 lines of code.
  • This integration syncs locations from Yext to geofences in Radar, and keeps geofences up to date when locations are created or updated.
  • To install the integration, on the Radar Integrations page under Yext, click Connect. You will be redirected to Yext, where you can authorize Radar. If authorization succeeds, you will be redirected to the Radar Geofences page. If authorization fails, you will be redirected back to the Radar Integrations page.
  • By default, Radar will map Yext location name to geofence description, set location as geofence tag, map Yext store ID to geofence externalId, map other Yext metadata to geofence metadata, set radius to 100 meters, and set enabled to false if the location is closed in Yext. Radar will sync geofences both to your Test and Live environments.
  • To change any of these defaults, please contact Radar support.
  • Radar currently supports businesses around the globe.


  • Track your top KPIs from Yext with all your other favorite business apps on one beautiful dashboard.
  • With Dasheroo you can track the status of your Yext listings across the web and also monitor the reviews data posted by customers visiting your locations. You can also connect the other web apps that you use to manage your business including Google Analytics, Facebook, MailChimp, PayPal and dozens more.
  • Here's how to get started with the Dasheroo integration for Yext:
    • Create a free Dasheroo account at
    • Open the Insight Library within Dasheroo and select the Yext integration.
    • Securely link your Yext account to Dasheroo.
    • Choose the data insights you’d like to add and then save them to your dashboard.
  • Here's a summary of the current Yext data insights provided by Dasheroo. All data insight are populated by pulling data from your Yext account to display this information within your Dasheroo dashboard.
    • The Listing Status insight provides a pie chart view of your current listing submissions. You’ll be able to see a breakdown of listing categories so you’ll know what percentage are live vs. still pending or in process.
    • The Recent Reviews insight displays your most current submitted reviews. You'll be able to view the star rating ("1 – 5"), the text of the review (if available), the person who submitted the review and the date/time the review was posted.
    • The Lifetime Rating insight displays your all-time rating for all the sites that Yext monitors when aggregating review data for your locations.
    • The Total Reviews insight tracks the sum total of all customer reviews that your location(s) has received as tracked by Yext.
  • Minimum requirements:
    • User must have a Dasheroo account (can be Free or Paid account).
    • User must have Yext plan/package that includes Listings Management & Review Monitoring.
  • Dasheroo currently supports businesses around the globe.


  • Sync your Yext Listings data to instantly create an amazing and responsive website.
  • The Hotfrog Website App, powered by Hotfrog owner Moboom's proprietary web-building platform, allows businesses to import and sync data stored in the Yext Knowledge Engine™ into the Moboom platform. This instantly helps businesses build a modern, customisable, mobile responsive website utilising their own data.
  • To activate the Hotfrog app, simply click the "Install" button at the left. You will be asked for permission to access your Yext listing information. Please grant access so we can present you the websites we built for your listings.
  • Hotfrog currently supports businesses around the globe.

Agendize Review Generation

  • Deliver Yext Review requests after Agendize Appointments have been completed.
  • The Agendize Review Generation app in the Yext App Directory makes requesting reviews from clients easier by automatically generating and sending the review request on your business' behalf. The Agendize Review Generation app, in conjunction with Yext Reviews and Agendize Appointment Scheduling, will trigger a review request via email to your client automatically once the appointment is finished.
  • The Agendize Review Generation works best coupled with the Agendize Appointment Scheduling app that publishes your booking URLs in your Yext Listings so that clients can seamlessly book an appointment from the listing results.
  • Follow these easy steps to gather feedback from your clients and drive more business:
    • Install the Agendize Appointment Scheduling app and give your customers the ability to book appointments online with real-time availability and automated reminders.
    • Install the Agendize Review Generation app to trigger a review request after each appointment.
    • Track and monitor the reviews and feedback in your Yext Reviews dashboards.
    • Add the reviews to your website to drive more business from intelligent search.
    • Make sure your information, such as name, address and telephone is automatically updated in your Agendize account every time you make any changes on Yext.
  • To install this app, you'll need a Yext account with a subscription to the Ultimate package. It is also recommended to pre-install the Agendize Appointment Scheduling app, also available in the App Directory.
  • Agendize currently supports businesses around the globe.

Octane AI

  • Octane AI helps businesses increase sales and profits through Facebook Messenger marketing. Octane AI's concierge bots enables stores to recover abandoned carts, answer common customer questions, and send marketing campaigns over Messenger.
  • Sync Octane AI with Yext to automatically deliver location and store information to customers through conversation.
  • Octane AI currently supports businesses in the United States.


  • For increased transparency, the mobile-optimized scan tool will now indicate whether or not a prospect is already a customer of Yext, just as the Scan API does. For Partners that use either to scan and check the health of a business's digital knowledge, if that business is already using Yext to manage their digital knowledge, their scan results will say 'Listings Synced by Yext' or 'Listings Synced by__' the name of the agency they are using.


  • PACKAGE: Available to the public at
  • CHANNEL: All

It’s now even easier to learn how to use the Yext Knowledge Engine.

Visit to see our fully revamped Help site, complete with an all-new design and refreshed content. will display English content at launch, and will be available in German, French, and additional languages in the near future.