Fall '18 Release Notes

Fall '18

The below features are available as part of Yext’s Fall ’18 Release. Unless otherwise noted, all features are available globally.

Yext customers can gain early access to these features by visiting Account Settings, clicking Account Features in the left sidebar, and toggling the features on in their accounts.


Knowledge Manager, Platform, & APIs




App Directory


Knowledge Manager, Platform, & APIs


In order to add increased flexibility to model data in a way that makes sense to you, we are introducing the ability for users to define custom field types. Now you can group custom fields for things like seasonal promotions or sections of your website together and then easily view them in the Knowledge Manager, send them for content approvals, and more.

When defining a new custom field type (such as “Fall Promotion”), a user will be able to add more than one subfield and choose each subfield type from our list of existing built-in types (Photos, hyperlinks, dates, multi-line text, etc.). The user will define these types in a new “Custom Types” section of Account Settings.

When creating a new custom field to add to the Knowledge Manager (on the existing Custom Fields page in Account Settings), the user will be able to choose from any saved custom types in addition to any built-in types.  You can also add assets of saved custom types to the Digital Asset Manager the same way that you can currently store text, photo and video assets. This provides additional flexibility and time savings for adding content to future custom fields! Now it’s easy to create and re-use groupings of photos, text, and hyperlinks for content like a promotions, offers, sections of your website, and more!


As part of the Fall ’18 Release, we have supercharged Content Approvals to make it easier for approvers of content to communicate with the users who have submitted content. This includes the ability to add an attachment to comments, view approval versions, and lock approval requests.

You can now add a PDF, JPG, or PNG attachment to comments. This means you can provide additional context such as an email or an example headshot.

Approval versions are now visible so that you can see all versions that submitted content has gone through. The user is even provided information such as who made comments, what they were, and when.

We’ve also added approval request locking to give approvers the ability to lock submitted content so that requesters can’t change the text or any other content while it is in the approval process.

PACKAGE: All (Must have approvals enabled and “Manage Approval Groups” permission)

With the Fall ’18 Release, users now have the ability to edit approval groups within the Yext platform. Approval groups are a set of users assigned for Content Approval, where any one user can approve updates or new content. This update provides more flexibility and control over which groups can approve submitted content.

Supported functionality includes:

  • Creating (and deleting) an Approval Group
  • Adding users to an Approval Group
  • Setting an Approval Group as default
  • Adding a user to an Approval Group from User Management
  • Bulk Uploading / Editing Approval Groups
  • Performing the same CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations on Approval Groups through the API



PACKAGE: The Knowledge Assistant is available in all Yext packages (Base, Starter, Professional, and Ultimate), but some skills require additional packages.

If you’re a Yext Partner, you can now customize the Yext Knowledge Assistant to provide a personalized experience to your clients. White-label the Yext Knowledge Assistant by specifying the login URL and support email associated with your Knowledge Assistant experience. Set your custom fields under the Branding section in Account Settings.


The default login URL and support email associated with the Yext Knowledge Knowledge Manager is “yext.com/signin” and “support@yext.com,” respectively.

PACKAGE: The Knowledge Assistant is available in all Yext packages (Base, Starter, Professional, and Ultimate), but some skills require additional packages.

Source new content from your local managers more easily with Nudges for custom text fields. In addition to built-in fields and custom photo fields, you can now send a one-time Nudge or set up a recurring Nudge for custom text fields that you want to capture, like missing business descriptions, seasonal offers and promotions, monthly ad descriptions, and more.



With the Fall ‘18 Release, Yext is launching a new Assets API, which will support creating, reading, updating and deleting assets of Custom Field Types in addition to text, image, and video assets. This provides flexibility in asset management from the platforms you already use!


For additional flexibility, Yext now provides the ability to apply templates to entities via the Entities API.  Now templates for your locations, people and events, can be applied vi API while creating or updating an entity using the templateId query parameter. The ID for a template (also known as API Name) can be found in the “Basic Info” section for the template in the Yext Platform.


With the Fall ’18 Release, users will now see a preview of their asset content when browsing the Asset library without having to click in to view an individual asset.


PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, and Ultimate

We’ve updated our Single Sign-On (SSO) flow to provide a better experience for users when they click on a URL that pulls them into the Yext platform.

Previously, if a user from a client with an SSO integration clicked a URL that pulled them into the Yext platform, they would be sent to the page they were trying to access if they were already authenticated — but, if they were not already authenticated, they would be sent to the Yext login page.

Now, instead of being sent to the general Yext login page, these users will be directed to their SSO authentication URL.




You can now verify your locations on Google — directly in Yext. Once you’ve synced your Google My Business (GMB) account with Yext, if your locations are not already verified, you can initiate the verification process from the Yext platform. Previously, you could only handle verification within your GMB console. This update saves you time and energy, so that you can refocus your efforts on other parts of your business.

The verification methods surfaced to you in your Yext dashboard are determined by Google and are not controlled by Yext. The verification methods you see may vary by location; you will typically have one or more of the following options:

  • Email: Your verification code will be sent to the email address listed in the platform.
  • Text Message: Your verification code will be sent via text message to the phone number on the listing.
  • Phone Call: You will receive a phone call to the number listed with your verification code.
  • Postcard Mailing: Google will mail a postcard to your business location, and it should arrive within 1-2 weeks


Once you receive the code from Google, input that code directly in Yext to complete verification.


Individual location requests can be made through Yext, however, bulk account verification must continue being handled in the GMB console.


With Yext, you can view and manage admin access for your locations on Google with even more ease. Previously, Google My Business (GMB) users could only manage admins through their GMB accounts. Now, you can view all Google users that have admin access — and their current level of access — to your location(s) directly in your dashboard.


Give co-ownership access to other team members in your organization by inviting them to become admins on your location(s) directly from Yext.


Please note, you must sync your Google My Business (GMB) account with Yext in order to take advantage of this functionality.


Customize your content across major publishers in the Yext Knowledge Network, including Facebook, Google, and Yelp, with content policies. Content policies give you the ability to turn syncing on and off for certain fields on certain publishers. For example, you can now turn off syncing for your Facebook Cover Photo or your business logo on Google if you want to keep the content that currently appears on the publisher.


Content policies may be defined for the following publishers and fields:

  • Facebook: Business Description, Photo Gallery*, Website, Emails, Year Established, Facebook Logo*, Facebook Cover, Payment Options,
  • Google My Business: Business Description, Photo Gallery, Business Logo, Website (Reservation), Website (Menu), Website (Order), Google Profile Photo, Google Cover Photo
  • Yelp (available to Enterprise customers only): Business Description, Website, Categories

*The specified field will cause a post to be created.

You can define content policies directly in your Account Settings, in the Content Sync Policies under Listings. You may also apply your content policies to your individual account or all of your sub-accounts (if you have many).


Gain even more insight into the status of your Yext Listings with new issues insights. With the Fall ’18 Release, for any listings that are ‘Unavailable,’ you can view the specifically correlated issues in a new ‘Issues’ column. The issues column will indicate the type of issue associated with your listing, such as Data Issue, Publisher Limitation, Duplicate Listing, and others. There’s also a new tooltip feature, which you can click on to find out more information about the unavailable reason. Furthermore, each unavailable listing will have a call-to-action button, prompting the action you can take to fix the issue. More knowledge about what’s actually causing the issue means you can be more proactive and resolve unavailable listings more quickly.






Control your digital knowledge with even more autonomy with the ability to Force Sync your data. The new Force Sync button is a failsafe that allows you to send the data stored in Yext to publishers in the Knowledge Network on command. For example, if one of your colleagues makes a change to your Facebook Page and you want to override their changes, you can leverage the Force Sync button in your dashboard to have Yext refresh your data on Facebook so that your update is the one consumers see. (Note that this functionality does not replace the sync that Yext has with each publisher; Yext will continue to automatically sync your data to each publisher.)


Bulk Force Sync is not supported at this time.

PACKAGE: Noted below
CHANNEL: Noted below

We’re proud to continue enhancing the Knowledge Network (formerly the PowerListings® Network) with new integrations that drive breadth, speed, and accuracy for our customers’ brands in search today.


Changes to our network include:


  • Facebook: In an effort to reduce the overall number of duplicate Pages in its platform, Facebook has taken a new, proprietary, and programmatic approach to solving duplicate Facebook Pages. Facebook is no longer accepting suppression requests from any of their partners, including Yext. As a result, Duplicate Suppression is no longer offered for Facebook as of July 31, 2018.
  • Google:
    • ‘Coming Soon’: Yext Enterprise customers in all markets, of all business categories, can now set and list future opening dates for their locations coming soon.
      • Customers can choose to list either the 1) exact opening date (e.g. November 1, 2018) or 2) month (e.g. November 2018) of their new location expected to open.
      • Customers can post locations up to a year in advance. The location will be hidden until ~90 days (3 months) before it opens, when it will appear on Google Maps as ‘Coming Soon.’
      • Depending on how the customer has set up their opening date, once the opening date or month has passed, the listing will say ‘Recently Opened’ for a few days.
    • Google My Business (GMB) API V4.2: On August 29, 2018, Google launched version 4.2 of the GMB API. With this update, Google has added features that help businesses manage their listings more easily and provide deeper information about their locations, including:
      • Location Verification: If your business isn’t already verified with Google, you can initiate the verification process via email, postcard, phone call, or SMS text message — and input verification codes — directly in Yext. Previously, you could only handle verification within the Google My Business UI. This update saves you time and energy so that you can refocus your efforts on other parts of your business.
        • At this time, verification requests can only be processed for locations through Yext. Any bulk account verification requests must be handled directly through your GMB console.
        • Note: The verification options surfaced in the Yext dashboard are determined by Google. Yext has no control over the verification options you receive.
    • Chain Membership: Is your business a chain store? Now, you you can tell Google that your locations are part of an established enterprise. Yext will associate chain businesses automatically, so this will not impact anything consumers see — it’s all on the back-end. This is a new way to signify to Google that your locations are part of an overall brand, giving Google more confidence when delivering your brand as the answer to users’ search queries.
      • Any business that’s part of a chain can take advantage of Chain Membership, with no minimum number of locations required, as long as they have the same brand name.
    • Note: You must sync your GMB account and Yext to take advantage of the above functionality.
  • Google+: Google will discontinue Google+ in August 2019. Instead, Google is shifting its focus in support of Google Posts, which enable you to create and schedule posts on Google Search and Google Maps. You can create Google Posts directly from Yext for locations in all countries that Google supports. Note, Google currently supports this feature for businesses with fewer than 10 locations.
    • Yext will be discontinuing its support for Google+ starting December 6, 2018. Moving forward, Yext customers will no longer be able to create posts on Google+ from the Yext platform.
    • Please note this will not impact Social Posting supported by other publishers in the Yext Knowledge Network.
  • Snapchat: This month, November 2018, Snapchat will be joining the Yext Knowledge Network. Through this integration, you can power information about your business that appears in Context Cards and Organic Venue Geofilters directly from Yext.
    • Snapchat is available to customers with the Starter package or above in all Yext-supported countries. No pre-existing relationship with Snapchat is required to take advantage of this integration.
  • TripAdvisor: As of September 25, 2018, you can power the facts about your restaurant business — from your hours of operation to menus — on TripAdvisor.
    • No pre-existing relationship with TripAdvisor is required to take advantage of this integration.
    • Please note that a subscription to the Yext for Food add-on is required to control your menu information on TripAdvisor, as well as other sites like Google, Facebook, and more.
  • Yelp: Starting November 8, 2018, mutual Enterprise customers of Yelp and Yext can now create new Yelp listings directly in Yext, whereas previously, new listings on Yelp had to be created by their Yelp account representative. All Yext customers can now manage and update additional fields on Yelp from Yext as well, including Special Hours, Photos (including syncing and removing photos), and Attributes.
    • The attributes synced will correspond to those defined in the GMB Attributes section for any given location, and can include: Accepts Credit Cards, Appointments Only, Caters, Coat Check, Delivery, Dogs Allowed, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible. Note: You must sync your GMB account and Yext to take advantage of this functionality.

United States

  • Kudzu: Starting on December 1, 2018 Kudzu will no longer be part of the Knowledge Network in the United States.
  • Postmates: As of October 2, 2018, syncing location data is now be available to customers with businesses in the Food and Dining categories, subscribed to the Starter Package or higher. Syncing menu data still requires a subscription to the Yext for Food add-on.
  • Property Capsule: Starting in November 2018, Property Capsule is part of the Yext Knowledge Network. Property Capsule is a directory site that houses property data, including property overviews, agent contacts, site plans, tenant lists, photography, maps, and demographics.
    • Property Capsule is available to all Yext customers with a subscription to the Starter package or higher. No pre-existing relationship is required to take advantage of this integration.


  • Property Capsule: Starting in November 2018, Property Capsule is part of the Yext Knowledge Network. Property Capsule is a directory site that houses property data, including property overviews, agent contacts, site plans, tenant lists, photography, maps, and demographics.
    • Property Capsule is available to all Yext customers with a subscription to the Starter package or higher. No pre-existing relationship is required to take advantage of this integration.


  • Amazon Alexa: Starting on August 29, 2018, Amazon launched support for Alexa in France. Yext customers in France can now power the most up-to-date information about their businesses across Alexa-supported devices.
    • Amazon Alexa is available to customers with the Starter package or above in France (FR), Italy (IT), Spain (ES), Australia (AU), Austria (AT), Canada (CA), Germany (DE), India (IN), Ireland (IE), Japan (JP), New Zealand (NZ), United Kingdom (GB), and United States (US) with plans to expand to other countries in the future.


  • Amazon Alexa: Starting on October 25, 2018, Amazon launched support for Alexa in Italy. Yext customers in Italy can now power the most up-to-date information about their businesses across Alexa-supported devices.
    • Amazon Alexa is available to customers with the Starter package or above in France (FR), Italy (IT), Spain (ES), Australia (AU), Austria (AT), Canada (CA), Germany (DE), India (IN), Ireland (IE), Japan (JP), New Zealand (NZ), United Kingdom (GB), and United States (US) with plans to expand to other countries in the future.


  • Amazon Alexa: Starting on October 25, 2018, Amazon launched support for Alexa in Spain. Yext customers in Spain can now power the most up-to-date information about their businesses across Alexa-supported devices.
    • Amazon Alexa is available to customers with the Starter package or above in France (FR), Italy (IT), Spain (ES), Australia (AU), Austria (AT), Canada (CA), Germany (DE), India (IN), Ireland (IE), Japan (JP), New Zealand (NZ), United Kingdom (GB), and United States (US) with plans to expand to other countries in the future.


Effective Thursday, December 6, 2018, the Yext App will be removed from Apple’s App Store. If you currently have the app installed, you may continue to use it. Please note, however, that the app will not be maintained and will not be available for download moving forward.

For SMB customers, the Yext App onboarding task will also be removed from the onboarding flow.

If you’d like to engage with Yext from your mobile device, check out the Knowledge Assistant!



As part of the the Fall ’18 Release, we have some extremely exciting updates to Yext Reviews. Yext Review Response has been supercharged to make it easier to respond to reviews, we’ve added the ability to see analytics around your organization’s review response processes, and we’ve made updates to support the new Facebook Recommendations.

PACKAGE: Ultimate

The recent increase in consumers leaving reviews has made it easy to get actionable feedback from your customers, and an effective review response strategy allows to you engage with those customers to actually improve their experience.

Now, responding to reviews quickly and effectively is easier than ever, with Yext’s Intelligent Review Response. Intelligent Review Response harnesses the power of Sentiment Analysis, uses all of Yext’s best practices for building an effective response, and combines them into an easy to use product.

To get started, users simply need to build pre-set options for the 4 components of an effective review response: the greeting, value statement, sentiment keywords, and closing. Best of all, it uses Sentiment Analysis to quickly determine which keywords in the customer’s review are important and whether there was positive or negative sentiment attached to them.


Simply create a few custom response components and Intelligent Review Response will help you to build an efficient and effective review response, every time. There is even a “randomize” feature to pick a custom component from each category to build a custom response in just seconds.

Users will still have the ability to respond to reviews freely or use response templates from their Yext text assets.

Note: Intelligent Review Response is only available as part of the Ultimate package, it is not available in the Review Response add-on.

Note: Intelligent Review Response works for reviews in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish; however, it will only calculate a sentiment score for keywords in English-language reviews. Intelligent Review Response will still use Sentiment Analysis to capture keywords and associated adjectives for reviews in non-English languages.

PACKAGE: Ultimate

Review response is critical to both your customer experience and optimizing your brand in search. Now, it is easier than ever to track the extent and efficiency of your review response strategy.

In addition to the new Intelligent Review Response feature we are adding new metrics to track and trend your organization’s review response metrics. Now you can use the report builder to easily see:

  • Response Count - How many reviews have you responded to?
  • Response Rate - What percentage of eligible reviews have you responded to?
  • Response Time - What is your average response time?

Each of these metrics is easily dimensioned by custom time periods and by entity.

Note: For each of these metrics the review time is based on the time that the original review was created on the original publisher or your first-party site.

We have also added to following dimensions and filters to give you the added ability to see your review response metrics however you like.

  • Response time dimension/filter - Reviews responded to in a specific time range.
    • Less than 1 hour
    • Between 1 hour and 1 day
    • Between 1 hour and 1 week
    • Between 1 week and 1 month
  • Awaiting response dimension/filter - Have you responded to this review?
    • Has response
    • Awaiting response

These metrics are only available for publishers where we allow in-platform response (Google My Business, Facebook, First Party, Yelp Enterprise, Yelp Knowledge, Yell). For these publishers, responses made both in and out of Yext will be represented in the data set.

PACKAGE: Professional, Ultimate

Facebook reviews are now “Recommendations.” Customers will be able to indicate whether they “Recommend” or “Do Not Recommend” your locations, along with a free text explanation (at least 25 characters of text required). Facebook then calculates a recommendation score for each business from 0.0 to 5.0.

We are excited to support recommendation data, including monitoring whether or not a business was recommended, and the associated free text. That data is now exportable and available via API.

In addition, you can engage with your clients on Facebook and help create a great client experience. Businesses can now respond to Recommendations within Yext the same they would respond to the previous iteration of Facebook reviews.

PACKAGE: Ultimate

Now users have more flexibility in their invitation templates to address the recipient. We’ve added an optional title field to allow users to specify the title of the recipient of the invitation (such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.). The title field will default to “None” (null) and will be a free-text string field.

PACKAGE: Ultimate

Users now have the ability to edit templated responses after selecting them in the response detail view. Pick a brand approved templated response and build a personal response by tailoring it to the customer’s review.

Users that are required to submit review responses for approval have had the ability to use templated responses to bypass the approvals flow. Now, users also have the ability to edit a response after electing to apply a template to make it better suit the content of that specific review. However, editing templated responses will trigger that response to go through the normal approval process.

The templated response feature will not be available on any Yelp review. For other publishers that support review response directly in the platform (Google, Facebook, Yell, and First Party), templated responses will be allowed.

PACKAGE: Varies (see below)

We are updating the platform to provide a uniform reviews experience across packages for all users.

  • New review detail view
    • The review detail view on the Monitoring and Response tabs now has a large, brand new UI, to provide greater visibility to all reviews customers.
  • Review Monitoring tab update for customers without the Ultimate Package
    • Customers with a Review Monitoring subscription that do not have the Ultimate package will now see the same version of the Review Monitoring tab as customers with the Ultimate Package.
    • Note: Ultimate-only features like review labels still require an Ultimate subscription.
  • Response tab now available for customers with Reviews Response add-on
    • Customers with the Review Response add-on will now be able to take advantage of the Review Response tab for a more streamlined view of which reviews still need to be responded to.
    • Note: Ultimate-only features like Intelligent Review Response still require an Ultimate subscription.
  • For newly created accounts, review monitoring is now always activated by default.
    • Note: Review Monitoring is no longer able to be disabled from the Monitoring tab.
  • The “Review monitoring active - scan in progress” banner at the top of the monitoring page has been removed for all accounts.



In the Fall ’18 Release, we have enhanced our analytics offering by upgrading our dashboard functionality and increasing visibility into a major publisher, TripAdvisor.

PACKAGE: Ultimate

We have strengthened our integration with TripAdvisor and increased your competitive insight by adding new analytics! This includes the ability to view your competitors’ average review rating with Reviews Competitive Intelligence and the ability to view these TripAdvisor metrics in the report builder. In addition, the Cumulative Rating metric now supports TripAdvisor data.

Note: Only available to businesses who are listed on TripAdvisor.


New updates to the Analytics Dashboards make it even easier to share and understand your digital presence metrics. Now you have the ability to add captions to individual insights within a dashboard so that each insight can be easily read and understood when sharing the dashboard in the platform, by printing, or in a PDF.

Note: Captions are only available for account and personal dashboards, not for standard dashboards.


CHANNEL: Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Business

You can now view RSVPs to your Facebook Events in the Yext dashboard and include the insight to reports and dashboards to see which sites your RSVPs are coming from.


App Directory

PACKAGE: The App Directory is available in all Yext packages (Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate); however, some apps may only be leveraged in conjunction with higher packages. International app availability depends on the app’s ability to support customers in your market.

We continue to partner with some of the biggest enterprise platforms to bring you new ways to transfer your digital knowledge to and from Yext. Connect Yext with these systems to maximize efficiency, maintain accuracy across platforms, and become a more intelligent enterprise.


New apps in the Fall ’18 Release include:

Tableau app by Yext: Tableau is a business intelligence and analytics platform that can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click. And with the Tableau app, you can gain new insights by combining the intelligence brought to you by Tableau with your Yext Analytics.

  • The Tableau app makes viewing customer engagement and performance metrics across the Knowledge Network even more seamless by collocating your Yext Analytics with those already stored in Tableau. Use these combined insights to make faster and better-informed business decisions. With the Tableau app, you can:
    • View the data that matters most across every site, platform, and device.
    • Import any data stored in Knowledge Manager, as well as your Listings, and Reviews Analytics data into Tableau.
    • Match existing Tableau data related to locations, such as store revenue, to location data and view store performance geospatially.
    • Monitor trends in customer sentiment by combining Yext Reviews insights with other location-based KPIs, as well as tracking average review ratings over periods of time
  • To install this app, you’ll need a Tableau account and a Yext account with a minimum of a few months worth of Analytics data.
  • Tableau current supports businesses across the globe.

AgencyAnalytics app by AgencyAnalytics: AgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one marketing dashboard built for agencies and freelancers. Monitor Yext Analytics and other marketing channels from one convenient dashboard. White label the dashboard and give clients their own login, so they are always up-to-speed on every marketing campaign.

  • The AgencyAnalytics app pulls insightful data from your Yext account into their dashboard and reports, making it simple to share updates with clients.
  • Sync the following data from Yext into your AgencyAnalytics dashboard:
    • Review Insights: Provide an overview of all reviews. Bar graph and stat widgets show total new reviews, new reviews over time, average rating and average rating over time.
    • Reach Insights: Analyze the reach of your listing. Pie chart and line graph widgets show search appearances and page views by source.
    • Engagement Insights: Share with clients how often visitors engage with their business listing. Pie chart and line chart widgets show customer calls from business listing, driving direction requests from listing, and total clicks over time.
    • Demographic Insights: Access data about who views your business listing. Pie chart and bar chart widgets show views by age, gender, and device.
    • Review Feed: Monitor a feed of all new reviews in the dashboard.
  • To install this app, you must have an active Yext account with the Ultimate Package and an AgencyAnalytics account. All AgencyAnalytics subscriptions include the Yext integration.
  • AgencyAnalytics currently supports businesses of all sizes across the globe.

Guestfriend app by getguestfriend: With the Guestfriend app, you will never miss a customer request, and you can capture more reservations and high-value leads, save your staff time, and provide accurate information to your guests. Customize the responses and get notified by text any time a guest asks questions on topics you care most about, while the assistant helps your guests 24/7.

  • The Guestfriend app leverages the digital knowledge you store in Yext to automatically create a personalized virtual assistant (chatbot) for your restaurant(s) that instantly answers your guests’ questions on your website, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Alexa and via SMS. It builds itself in seconds and automatically updates when you make updates in Yext.
  • To install the Guestfriend app, you must have the Yext Starter Package or higher. If you have a subscription to Yext for Food, the Guestfriend app will automatically support showing your menu items and images.
  • getguestfriend currently supports businesses of all sizes in the United States. 

LivePerson Chatbots app by LivePerson: Over 90% of our day-to-day conversations happen in digital messaging channels — it’s how we prefer to communicate with our friends and family. And with messaging as the channel of choice in our personal lives, this powerful communication channel presents businesses with a tremendous opportunity. LivePerson's AI-powered conversational platform makes it easy for consumers to buy products and get answers to questions in the messaging channels they already use every day.

  • The LivePerson Chatbots app leverages Yext data so that you can easily deploy pre-built, AI-powered chatbots for your business that can run on your website, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Apple Business Chat and many other popular digital messaging channels on which your business lives.
  • To install this app you must have an existing LivePerson account and the Yext Base Package. After installation, you can log into your LivePerson account and activate your chatbot.

Pypestream app by Pypestream: Pypestream is a customer engagement solution, helping enterprises establish a trusted direct to consumer relationship. Pypestream provides a two-way, persistent connection via private messaging with AI-backed conversational experiences (or “pype”). Pypestream helps digitally transform and automate customer service, marketing and promotions, business, and employee engagements across a variety of industries.

  • The Pypestream app integration enables enterprises to have a conversational experience (chatbot) on their website. The digital knowledge stored in Yext, including address, business hours and phone numbers, helps power the location data the chatbot uses to answer questions.
  • Once subscribed via the Yext App Directory, a knowledgeable Pypestream account manager will work closely with you to build your personal Pype and configure your bot with Yext.
  • The Pypestream conversational experience can be added as a widget to your website by your webmaster. Installation guidelines and app credentials will be sent via email.
  • To install this app, you’ll need a Pypestream account, as well as a Yext account with a subscription to the Base Package.
  • Pypestream currently supports businesses of all sizes across the globe.

Verve app by Verve: Verve is a pioneer in the art and science of mobile marketing, helping brands — big and small. Whether you have one or many locations, the Verve gives you everything you need to launch mobile video and display ads on your own or with our managed services team.

  • The Verve app allows you to sync the location data you store in Yext to the Verve platform.  Leverage your Yext data in the Verve platform to customize mobile ad experiences that engage consumers and drives them to site and store.
  • To install this app, you must have an active Yext account with the Base Package or higher.
  • Verve currently supports businesses in the United States.