The Modern Patient Journey

Your complete guide to owning the patient experience across digital touchpoints

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What's inside:

3 out of 4 patients say they will consult a search engine even after receiving a provider recommendation from a doctor.* (Check out our Healthcare Stat Pack for a cheat sheet of all our latest findings.)

People today are using search — both on search engines like Google, and directly on your health system's website — at every point throughout the patient journey. It's now your responsibility to own that whole experience and to meet patient intent with official, accurate answers all along the way.

  • How you can drive more patients to your health system by answering the questions they're asking — when and where they're looking for care

  • How AI-powered search services encourage patient discovery, answer-seeking, and connectivity with health systems

  • Three steps to fully optimize your patient experience across digital touchpoints

  • A comprehensive checklist to help you own your search experience

Carrie Liken
Head of Industry, Healthcare