How to Stand Out in Search: The Restaurant Guide to Better Diner Discovery

Brought to you by Yext and OpenTable

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Whats inside:

In a year unlike any other in the restaurant industry, things are (fingers crossed) starting to look up. Consumer behavior changed to the point of being unrecognizable — relying on delivery services, finessing the ideal pick-up order, or checking on outdoor dining availability all had one thing in common: they were often done online, and started with a search question.

Even as the world starts to open back up again, many of these behaviors are now ingrained. For example, diners search for specific foods (think "guacamole" or "chicken parmesan") over 200% more often than the name of a restaurant.

Brought to you by Yext and OpenTable, this whitepaper provides insights on how to best position your business going forward, including:

  • Tips on how to optimize your website to meet customer intent

  • Essentials for updating your business listings across the web

  • Easy steps to get discovered more often on OpenTable