Benefits and Challenges of AI in Financial Services

Dive into what AI can do for wealth management.

The wealth industry is undergoing significant transformation driven by evolving market dynamics, shifting customer expectations, and technological advancements.

AI is emerging as a pivotal technology in the industry, revolutionizing various aspects of operations, enhancing customer experiences, delivering personalized experiences, and reducing costs. Although this tech presents numerous opportunities, there are ethical and regulatory challenges that need to be considered as the tech is adopted.

Join Chris Diskin, SVP, Client Marketing, at LPL Financial, Shane Closser, Head of Industry, Financial Services and Insurance, at Yext, and Christian Ward, Chief Data Officer, at Yext, as they dive into what AI can do for wealth management.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How the wealth industry is changing

  • How these changes impact the role of marketing

  • How you can use AI in wealth management

Chris Diskin
SVP, Client Marketing
Shane Closser.
Shane Closser
Head of Industry, Financial Services
Christian J. Ward
EVP, Chief Data Officer