The Most Pandemic-Proof Asset You Didn't Know You Had: Your Website


Having a strong "digital footprint" has always been important, but in a global pandemic -- with physical locations being shut down or severely hampered -- the online customer experience is really the only experience.

But just because you're invested in digital doesn't automatically mean you're building trust and, in turn, loyalty. It's about being really great at digital, starting on your own website. Consumers have questions, and businesses are constantly challenged to supply direct answers. And if they can't? People will bounce to search engines where they're bombarded with ads and 3rd party options designed to steal their attention -- and their business -- away from you.

Join Christian Ward, Yext's Chief Data Officer to explore how you can build a pandemic-proof digital customer experience on and off your own website that is designed to meet customers at their moment of intent.

Christian J. Ward Headshot

Christian J. Ward

EVP, Chief Data Officer

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