The Real Cost of Ignoring AI

AI makes the mainstream more accessible, efficient, and meaningful – tune into this virtual event to learn how.

This year, ChatGPT shattered records — acquiring 100 million unique users within the first two months. It's not just an adopted technology; it's a seamlessly integrated feature in daily lives.

But the story isn't about AI going mainstream. It's about how AI makes the mainstream more accessible, efficient, and meaningful.

Paul Roetzer, the visionary behind Marketing AI Institute, joins Christian Ward, a pioneering Chief Data Officer, to discuss not just how you can 'prepare' for AI, but how AI is already streamlining your day-to-day decision-making, improving customer experiences, and optimizing operational workflows.

Tune in to learn:

  • The roadmap of AI's transformative role in enterprise landscapes

  • Strategies to effortlessly eliminate repetitive tasks

  • How to actualize enhanced conversational interactions through AI

  • Insights that redefine your perception of AI

Who should attend: Marketing professionals, business leaders, and the like are encouraged to register.

Christian J. Ward
EVP, Chief Data Officer
Paul Roetzer
Founder and CEO
Marketing AI Institute