Driving Traffic: Accelerate EV Charging Revenue Across Every Digital Touchpoint

Boost your electric vehicle charging business with our exclusive webinar hosted by Cirrantic and Yext.

Boost Your Electric Vehicle Charging Business with Our Exclusive Webinar hosted by Cirrantic and Yext.

Hear from experts to learn how to easily connect your chargers, data, and services to customers wherever they search: apps, maps, web, smartphone, voice assistants or InCar navigation. Ensure EV drivers know where to find you, provide useful information, tailor your offers, improve the experience, and accelerate your business!

Maximize Online Impact. In the EV charging industry, digital marketing, SEO, real-time location and status data are driving forces. Learn how to harness their potential to attract drivers actively searching for charging stations. We'll delve into the importance of digital strategies and how they can elevate your brand and revenue.

Master real-time Data. Explore why Yext is a game-changer for your business. Discover how we simplify data management and enhance your online presence by effortlessly updating information like restaurant details, number of charge points, usage status, and more. Benefit from higher data quality and improved branding, while preventing the negative effects of improper listings.

Get the Keys to Success. Hear from industry experts Duane Forrester, VP Industry Insights at Yext, and Arne Meusel, Managing Director / Founder at Cirrantic, as they share insights. Gain practical knowledge about verifying data, managing reviews, enhancing SEO, and ultimately attracting more customers to accelerate your revenue.

Don't miss this opportunity to drive your EV charging business to new destinations!

Duane Forrester
VP of Industry Insight
Arne Meusel
Arne Meusel
Managing Director / Founder